Friday, August 31, 2012

Just (also) take the first step!

What is it that Buddhist philosophy is becoming more and more attractive to Westerners in the rat race of their life? They go about their daily life, maybe aware that daily life is the only life they have. Most of the times not at all aware. Some of them are fine with it and some are not.

More and more people sense that something crucial may be missing from their existence. And they go searching for it. They experience that this missing link cannot be found in churches, or temples, or mosques; not even only in nature or in the love of another human being. After a while they realize that what they are searching for can only be found within themselves. That is the moment when the search for fulfillment, answers, solutions, meaning of life and life mission, really begins.

They come to Thailand to learn from the source. They take courses in meditation. They ‘taste’ the Buddhist philosophy as rational, as provided advice and instruction. They work on their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social part and take time to be aware of ‘feeling’ instead of only thinking and acting (running). They start up listening to the signals of their body and inner voice and experience how to get rid of their stress.

Their reward can be that they learned to be more relaxed, serene even, concentrate better, sleep better, improve their health and live in a more mindful way. This possible is their first ‘prize’. Then they go home and very often come back for more or for a recall.
When they take it a step further, they may cease being obsessed with work and the never ending pursuit after more and more expensive material things; they may start to understand other people better, become interested in and willing to help those who need their help with their natural talents and out of their life mission and by that become better people. This can be their second ‘prize’.

All in all, this seems to be the right path to take for those who are searching for their lost missing link. It is not a short cut. It is a long way to be travelled. But it is worth every step taken.  

Do you recognize? Feel you want to start your own search but do not know how? Admit to yourself that you need an easy way of ‘outside help’ to walk up together with you and/or be your guide?
You don’t have to become a monk or hermit, abandon your family for a long time or never go shopping again. Just take the first step and join one of our programs in South-east Asia.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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