Friday, February 26, 2016

Stay for ever young? (Not) possible

The cosmetic industry, medical/plastic surgery, marketing and all kind of 'health' products and treatments help you to believe you can stay young forever. The outside show must go on and billions are earned on outside changes to show people are younger than they really are. 

It is our always opposite thinking (when we are young we want to be older, when we are older we want to be younger), that makes us easy 'preys' for the most of the times expensive 'solutions' to show ourselves younger.

At least every 7 years, just a biological and scientifically proven fact, all of the cells of our human body are renewed. And still... this does not make us younger. Taking care of the physical body, by staying fit, being aware of our diet, keep the body clean, etc., keeps us healthy. But we cannot stop or slow down the ongoing natural process of getting older. 

We can cover our body by nice and looking clothes and modern fashion but all this does not help us against getting older.

Actually and in general we take very good care of our physical body. But what about our mind? Buddhism compares our mind sometimes with a garden. This garden is full of rubbish and are not even able to find the really useful things for us into this mountain of rubbish. We drop all litter from the outside world in this garden and toxify it. 
A care taking gardener, who organizes and maintain, and a guard who is guarding what is coming in and what is going out of our mind most of the time is not available. 

We can stay forever young. The mistake we make is we are looking for it on the outside because our senses and desires are outward bound. When we give more attention to the inside you will be surprised. That's where we lost our youth and that's the only place it can be found. 

Do not believe marketing and industry. You cannot stay for ever young on the outside. Embrace and celebrate your age. Stay forever young on the inside. Then, you are not getting older with the years, but more and more new by the days. 

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Who do you propose? What space do you only take. So diminish suffering and LIVE more.

Last week I was in Chiang Mai city centre again. The city as usual was full of swarming tourists who, even often with long faces, were "exploring" the city. For me every time again it is unique to see all the different faces and cultures. Everyone another face in the world. What a miracle!

Wondering and watching the teeming crowd of people running and searching like ants in all directions and busy doing their own 'thing', I thought back to a lecture I attended a while ago.

Back home I searched and found some notes that, in my opinion, can annotate all the too much suffering most people swarming in our world do. The words of the lecturer;

“You only take just a tiny little piece of space on this great big planet. A planet that is part of an infinite universe full of other planets. So who do you propose? What is your influence? What are the things you are all suffering about and why are you suffering of all kind of things you cannot even change? Most people suffer far too much.

You cannot take the whole world on your shoulders. It is not possible to change or influence the whole world. And… nobody asks this from you. It’s just an outside voice inside your head.

Many people are at war with themselves. An inner battle to be “the best” in and for the outside world. They do not even realize that they are already the best for a very long time. They are suffering of fulfilling their own created expectations which they say and think of the outside world are requesting them. It is a form of inner struggle to show up as a copy of somebody else, not accepting and showing their own uniqueness. They seek in the outer world and never took the time to find out their own natural 'best’. You make yourself and the world around you really happy when you share your specific abundance. It is natural to fulfil your own mission and not try to enforce yourself a mission.

You are unique and, if you find your specific habitat in the world,  can serve and affect the world with your specific talents and abilities the best way. If you radiate happiness you do not only influence yourself but also the world around you in the best and most easy way.

Rank, status or position, income or possessions do not really matter to be more happy in a sustainable way. The stock markets for example have shown that shares sometimes are more a burden on the back then that they make happy.
Without even being aware of it lots of people only participate in the outside show that’s going on, being an actor, and try to build up (seeming) personal security.

And within that actor in the outward show is always a very ordinary person, with his or her own concerns and problems or perhaps - by the avowed wealth - still much more worries and problems. Like everyone else, they just take a tiny piece of space and on this great big planet.

When you pass away the world does not stop. Billions of ancestors showed us already. What were your priorities in life? Only a couple of names still show up in history books. Did you really live life?

You pollute your mind wanting to know and follow everything in and around the world. Most of these things you cannot change. You can change yourself and try to share the best of you with your surrounding close environment so because of this it gets the opportunity to change and grow. Nobody asks more of you. So be happy and make happy.

You're on top of your own success and happiness and usually you do not even see it, always longing for happiness you think is waiting for you in the future. 
What is your life worth? Suffer less and LIVE more."

Just a fragment from a lesson that I could attend at the Buddhist university. Something to consider to ponder.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”