Friday, December 29, 2017

Captijn Insight Thailand New Year's Wish 2018

New Year's Wish

Every wish is a gift
If you grant someone something beautiful, you give something beautiful.
If you grant someone something ugly, you give something ugly.
And if you then understand that we get back hundredfold everything we give
('Whoever sows wind will reap storm'), then it is actually highly remarkable
and extremely regrettable that we only have a few days a year
to wish others good things and that all of these wishes
usually do not extend beyond our family, friends and acquaintances.
We do not grant ourselves and the people around us enough rewarding and wish for.

That's why I wish for you the following things in the coming year:

Enough discernment to see everything that comes on your life path as necessary to learn and to grow and to do exactly what the situation demands and needs at the right time.

Enough trust in the natural course of things to not feel compelled to compete.

An effortlessly flowing and being present for that which appears to you.

Enough space in your life to take every day a moment to wish all beings in the world beautiful things.

Enough light in your heart to not exclude anyone out of this wish
or, if that does not work, enough silence in your mind to sincerely find out what is holding you back.

And furthermore;

That you may discover what’s your deepest purpose and desire of your life and that you may be given everything that is needed to live that deepest desire.

Of course, this wish does not limit itself only to you but also applies to the people around you, all people I know and all people that I do not know (in so far as there is any difference between the latter two groups).

A brilliant 2018 ( Buddhist year 2561)!

Frans Captijn
Host Captijn Insight work-retreat programs

(Captijn Insight wishes you a nice transition to a year in which you can receive love and friendship, give the best of yourself in function of your own development, and develop the courage and strength to complete the next steps on your life path, supported by good health (by taking full responsibility for it in the first place yourself)).

We hope to meet you in 2018 at one of our programs.

(Thanks for the inspiration to my former teacher and members of the Satsang of the Padma Center, Middelburg-NL)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Distraction. The unbroken connection with unrest ... The fear and escape for rest and coming home.

Many people who have already been here at the place where I live and work, regularly and independently of each other have said that they think I live in Paradise. To be honest that feels like a super compliment about that what I call ‘being home'.

Mainly for me it is the experience of the high energy level I experience here, the connection with nature (flora and fauna) and culture. The, for me, much stronger relationship with what is LIVING life all about than I had ever before. All available for free. It’s just a matter of opening your senses to accept.

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort, where I live and work, calls itself; 'The one-stop destination for healthy living'. A holistic approach.
After all, being healthy does not only have to do with your physical body. Your mind, emotional balance, spiritual connection and deepening and insight into you’re your approach to your energy givers and drainers are also part of it. All of great importance to feel intensely 'healthy' and therefore also to be able to really call yourself ‘healthy’.

In the approach of the physical body, the resort also works together with an external organization that mainly focuses on the body fitness. People of literally all types / come-off and sizes who are here for a week or sometimes more. Intensively busy with their body. And with the temperatures we have here and in relation to the intense and heavy program is not always only having fun I can tell you. A program especially full of intensive physical activities. No stopping or standing still. Running, cycling, swimming, training. When I often see the bitter faces of many participants, I sometimes wonder if they do not experience it as a temporary physical torment for the 'good cause' instead of the possible introduction of the invitation to a long life healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. But if people really give it a place, make it a routine in their lives afterwards? I just and only wonder.
And actually this does not make any difference with doing a detoxification program here. Giving your body only a one time gigantic shock by heavy cleansing cannot really be healthy in my eyes. You need to change your lifestyle. The intention is to see it as a start to do that.

Recently when I walked to the Sala, my open classroom here on the hill, I met a man from that fitness program. Outwardly he looked stressed, completely caught in his mind, headphones on his head (more and more people I see walking around with it).
I tried to speak to him. Of course he did not hear me. I could hear the hard fitness/workout music on his ears from a distance. Totally in a kind of 'trans'. He finally saw my approach to connect with him and took the trouble to take his earphones from his ears and to hang them around his neck for a short while. In the for me now even more noise created by the device, I told him that he missed the free available fantastic bird and animal sounds in this paradise as a gift to remember the start of a brand new day. If looks could kill…

When I returned home I saw that I had not turned that morning the ‘page of the day’ of my book "Wisdom from the Far East 365 Days" yet. So I did. And it showed me this:

"The wind blows and lies down. The birds are whistling. A dewdrop of a leaf falls in the deep valley of the mountain. Even more peaceful is the mountain. "
(Master Keizan)

A smile on my face arose. Accidently?
I am thankful and grateful to hear those birds every day, almost every day I witness the always different sunrise. Indeed I hear those dewdrops fall, my dog and myself breathing, the sound of my footsteps on the walking path and his dribble and especially ... all those fantastic morning sounds that the animals make at the crack of the day. That fantastic energy of the living environment. The smell of the forest, of the farmlands under the dew, or the rice paddies. The chanting of monks in the distance. The man who early brings his cows to his land and, hopping behind the animals, his little daughter in her school uniform supporting them. She is already ready for the school bus, but still helps to bring the cows to the land together with her dad. No mobile phone in her hand.
Yes ... indeed ... a paradise.

And does that all only have to do with here? I do not think so and I think certainly it plays a role. It’s more inviting but, not to everybody like the headphone man. Much more, however, I think it has to do with the lifestyle and your own choice to be able and allow yourself to connect with that what already is there. With that what is free available. With the silence. And do not get me wrong. Silence is not the absence of something. It is not. It is the invitation to be aware of the availability of everything that is already waiting, is already there, for you. For me a different connection than walking with music on my ears in this beautiful nature.

Always and forever the need for distraction. And if you ask people, they just do it to relax ... For me a run away from yourself. Fear of going and coming home to yourself.

So for me no headphones in that fantastic nature. Nice to hang them on the willows.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life, love, family, business, career and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or organization.” 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pure nature, pure connection. No pedaling a stationary bike that goes nowhere. Thanks to Kadhow

Last Saturday I worked with a wonderful group of 10 business women from Myanmar. The ‘girls’ offered themselves a four day program of movement and actually of standing still. Of stopping. A nice way of deepening and real connecting again. Time to breathe.

In the evening I organized a campfire meeting with the wonderful ‘Chiang Mai Khom Fai lanterns’. A playful way of letting go or to wish for. And after that we worked with connection dance. Accepting flow and feeling trust. All together till nearly midnight.

In the afternoon during their break two of the ladies of the group visited me and invited me to bring my dog that evening because all the ladies were animal lovers. I never got this question before and so actually, accept for the weekly hike, I never brought my dog to my classes. Sometimes, earlier when it was still living together with us, I brought my owl but my dog… never.

I looked Kadhow, my dog, in his eyes and his tail started to twist already. So I thought; let’s do it! It turned out it made the guests, my dog and me myself very happy and he behaved fabulous well.

During the campfire I got all kind of questions about him. As a six weeks old puppy he came into my life. He found me. A gift from a monk from the temple (Wat Saluang, about 20 minutes from here) he was born. Now, five years old (younh) already. I tell everybody who ask me what type of dog he is, what ‘brand’, that he is a Royal Thai Temple dog. This makes sense because temple dogs are sometimes believed to be former monks that in their former life did not behave very well and have to learn over again. To be honest I think Kadhow has to be more lives a temple dog because he still acts as a playful puppy. Knows how to steal what he wants to have and actually is always happy.
Once I got a book from my son Rik, who is a zoo keeper, to help me in how to raise a puppy to get an understanding and listening dog. The book showed all kind of pictures that shows the different expressions, body language, of dogs. Kadhow only shows me one expression. Always happy, not shy, and his tail with a curl in the air. The other pictures? Waste of paper in the book for him i guess.

I told my guests that Kadhow for me is my Buddhist monk and teacher. He is my fitness instructor, our house guard, my warning signal for snakes and other animals and reptiles in the forest. The guide who shows the tracks for hiking. The one who lowers the already very low threshold (actually takes it away) in making interactions and connections with other people and animals for me. The one that shows me empathy and understanding. My alert wake-up call if I only very seldom do not wake up on time. The one who shows what unconditional love is. My companion.
And last but not least he showed my last Sunday evening the one that goes on bringing me new branches out of the forest to keep the campfire - and so the nice chats and energy around - running.

The past is already gone, the future not yet there. The present moment is the only moment that life can be touched. And being aware of that is being aware that this is the only thing that never stops. Do not suffer, stop complaining, accept life as it is, do not worry. Be only yourself. That’s the teaching of my Buddhist temple dog.  

The campfire shining in his glittering, inviting, charming, and playful eyes. Guarding the group walking around several times. They call it instinct I guess. Wonderful to observe.

Pure nature, Pure connection. For me no pedaling a stationary bike going nowhere for hours or doing physical exercises to get my body fit. Without any effort I get it all for free and with a lot of fun, love and pleasure from my dog!   

What a wonderful experience to have a, for me THIS, dog Kadhow!

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life, love, family, business, career and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or organization.” 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Don't expect less. Be happy to face you are different.

Last week I had a chat on Skype with my daughter in Australia. She had a sad experience in relation to her expectations. Still over and over again I have the same experiences (and my son as well). Feeling a bit sad about expectations not come true.

For over five years already in my house I have a sign (actually the only one because I do not like this ‘tile wisdom quotes’) on the mirrors in both my bathrooms. The one shown on the picture of this blog. The way to understand this ‘simple’ rules is less simple than they simple are.

Many times I get requests about the programs I offer in relation to flow, talents, purpose of live, transitions in live, personal development, and so on. People share a part of their life story and this stories resonate with me. I feel I can be available for them to work on their personal discoveries. Lots of times a couple of week interaction by mail and even Skype.
Believe it or not. After this intense and engage contact in about 1/3 of the cases at a certain moment there is full and total silence from the other side. You hear nothing anymore. For me it has a lot to do with no respect, no politeness and… for myself learning.

More and more guests who visit us here ask me to take a picture with me. Many want to have a copy of my poems and classes. They promise you to send you the picture. 90% Never does do. You send them the requested information the same day. 75% Not even a thank you. And I can go on sharing this kind of experiences. Not only work related it has also to do with lot of ‘social media friends’.

People ask you to connect on for instance LinkedIn and show interest in you. The first step for me to know they show interest is that they do not just and only push the unfriendly automatic button: “Hi Frans, I'd like to join your LinkedIn network.”, but write you a short personal message (so they take a little bit time to connect) and ask you about your life. One of the things for me to see they really want to spend a bit time to interact again is if they finish the sentence or couple of sentences with writing their greeting and name full. Many times it shows for instance (in Dutch): Gr. P (as Greets Peter or have a nice day Peter). Less and less people really are interested and take the time to connect. The wonderful digital world.

So am I not satisfied with this kind of things (and more as I already wrote down)? Actually it has not to do with satisfaction. It has everything to do with expectations. And facing that, there is still for me a lot to learn.

The mirror of this ongoing experience is that I am different (not better). My parents showed me another way. For me a way of real interest (again only my view), willing to interact on a deeper level, respect and of ‘keep your promise’ so people can trust you. Normal in my life.

And writing this, what I have to learn is not to feel sad about things not working out in the way I expect or expected. I just need to learn to turn that emotion (bring my mind in another motion) into a feeling of being happy. Happy because in this faster and faster world of ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’ and ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’, in my opinion over and over I face the mirror…’Be happy you are different’.

Not a bad idea for me to turn the last simple statement ‘expect less’ into ‘Accept you are different and be happy with that’. For me a reason to share my energy more and more with people who respect and interact with my differentness. 

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life, love, family, business, career and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or organization.” 

Friday, December 1, 2017

A great experience. We can improve the sensitivity of our senses

My son visited me recently for the second time this year again in Thailand. This time he brought a friend of him. Both together and sometimes the three of us had lots of fun discovering our wonderful surroundings.

His friend used to smoke. And because I do not smoke and do not like smoking in my house he respected me and used to smoke outside. No problem.

At a certain morning they wanted to do a cooking class in the city and needed to wake up early. To start the day my son's friend smoked a cigarette outside. Walking downstairs I felt extremely sensitive to the smell of the smoke and no this had nothing to do I once was a fireman.

It offered me the insight my senses improved their sensitivity or my response raised alertness the last couple of years. What and how did this happen?

Discussing this here with a guest I discovered at least four causes for this expansion of my awareness.

First of all in my opinion it has everything to do with the environment I live in now. I live and work at a health & wellness resort in a more than beautiful and natural environment in the Northern part of Thailand. It is a high energetic and peaceful place that really invites you to connect with yourself and with nature in a deeper way. Food and drinks are most of the time totally different than I was used in my former home country. It’s nearly always fresh and with an inviting rich blend of taste and smells here.

The second thing is I totally changed my life-style. For over 30 years I was a very busy scheduled manager till the end of 2010. I was connected with everything that happened in the world around me. Following the newspapers and the (inter)national news on radio and television and was 24 x 7 available for everyone and everything. Lots of email and social media connections. Always running.

For over five years now I am a person without a watch, no I-Phone, not reading the newspaper or watching the (inter)national news anymore. Actually I have no social media for more than half a year already. Not longing to get it again as well. I have no fixed schedule at all and I am living by the day. Enjoy face-to-face conversations and above the entrance of my house you find the text: “The clock won’t find you here.”. Walking with my dog and stopping lots of times to take the time to explore what I see, feel, hear, smell or even taste.
Confusius was right in saying: "Everywhere there is beauty but some people do not see it". I once joined that group that almost did not see it. And this has completely changed as part of my lifestyle change. What a blessing and wealth to be thankful for.

The work I do now has everything to do with mindfulness and awareness and on a daily base that’s training the senses and the mind. Meditation (like the labyrinth walk on the picture), mindful photography and Tantra workshops are continuous stimuli for the senses and the mind to become more sensitive.
And the funny thing is, that this is happening with our guests as well. This morning a guest who has already been here three times noticed that he had heard nine different bird sounds during my morning class about silence.

Last but not least it has to do with abstinence. Not everything is available at the moment you want to have it. Electricity, water, internet, milk, butter, bread, you name it. Sometimes waiting for it makes you first of all creative to discover supplements. On the other hand it makes you much more thankful for the availability of things if you need them.

Being much more sensitive over the years, offers me for free an even better understanding and appreciating of the availability of my life.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life, love, family, business, career and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or organization.”