Friday, February 24, 2017

Find and free your sexual energy and live a free/freer and more connected LIFE.

Today, at the place I live in Thailand, a nine-day Tantra retreat / workshop finishes. 53 Guests participated. What apparently first appeared to be a yoga retreat developed more and more (and eventually) in a Tantra program and experience. And an experience it was.

The guests worked - in the full and exciting program - in the morning, afternoon and evening. Lack of energy and commitment of the participants did not appear. It was a huge liberation in connectedness.

How does it work and why most people do not experience this?
To start with the latter. Your inner database or your programming, most of the times formed - out of the best intentions of others - by your upbringing, culture, religion, expectations of others and not to forget personal life experiences (often damages) push you away from deep inner connection, intimacy and warm engaged relationships.

Every single person is desiring and has a hunger for deeper intimacy in life and in all kind of warm friendships and relationships. And we have been taught to be ashamed of the most natural thing to us in relation to deep connecting. Shame is the number one thing keeping us from our evolution to growing into our deepest and best self.
We have shame around our bodies. We have shame around our emotions and being vulnerable. And all the shame is keeping us like living these small lives and black and white. Tantra can teach us to step out of this boxes and to live in technicolor.

And please stop your immediate labelling. Tantra is not just about having (greater) sex. There is a lot of misunderstanding. What tantra really is about is so much deeper and so much bigger than only sex and effects all the areas of our life whether you know it or not.

It helps you to connect on a mind, body and spirit level. All kind of classes or courses teach you to change your mind, to change your thoughts, to change your believes, but they leave your body - and especially our senses - as part of the holistic approach in relation to connecting behind. Tantra brings your body back into the picture and makes your presence stronger. It’s all about awakening through your senses. Discovering the jewels of aliveness (as I call in in our Tantra workshops).

We have this deeper cravings locked into our bodies. Most of us have been taught to disconnect from our bodies to have shame around all these natural things in us in a way that is crippling our lives. Crippling your relationships whether that’s romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships and most of all your relationship to yourself. Do you feel worthy of being loved and creating sacred sexuality and warm engaged relationships?

Tantra ignites and offers the ability to the soul to experience the human body through touch, taste and smell and all of your senses. To be aware of and connected with the energy this sensations bring you. One person alone but especially two people can share together. And Tantra will give you that feeling and deep connection back in reclaiming in how sacred these relationships are. Tantra also teaches you, by releasing your intimacy blocks and shame, how to be present in a more engaged and connected way. When you are always stuck in your head and not in your body you cannot totally be present in connections with others.

If you free your sexual energy in yourselves, you are more energetic, much, much more alert, connected and attractive. Indeed, it is something very natural. By too much rational thinking about it, we limit the positive energy supply to ourselves and our environment. Sexual energy you can experience physically, mentally, emotionally as well as on a spiritual level and of course, from that experience, you can express. Sexual energy offers a base for more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life.

And the intense enjoyment of these energy you can simply learn at all ages (because you never learned it and it’s not age-dependent).

So how does it work?
Tantra, intimacy and sacred sexuality might be a little bit out of your comfort zone. Possibly it sounds strange at first sight, but the main thing you are doing is discovering yourself. Not an egoistic thing. All kind of creative approaches are offered to support your sense and energy journey. And (at least in our programs) you wear loose cotton clothes (during some classes in the program ‘white robe’).
Like in many of our other programs mindfulness (the energy to be for 100% connected with what you are doing) is an important part. To awaken the senses and creating sensual and sexual energy flow we work with meditation, visualization, imagination, music (songs and mantras), sound (vibration and harmonics by Tibetan singing bowls, Ghantas, Tingshas and gongs), dance, touch, breathing techniques, body work (Kundalini yoga), massage, etc .. All with the intention to first find and grant yourself. Discovering and experiencing what you need from yourself (and/or additional from your relations) and can give as well to allow that inner energy flow. Emotions / blockages are visible and you learn yourself to drop veils of shame and intimacy blocks (till a level that still feels comfortable to you) and accept the energy flow for deep engaged connecting.

Do you know yourself? My / our experience is that people generally do not even know their outside. Only that part of yourself you can see in a mirror. Not even talking about all the uniqueness that is stored and available on the inside. Not even talking for instance about the intense awareness of being touched.

And it is precisely in all hose discoveries to get the higher energy flow and experience. More freedom and a totally different inspiring and engaged connection with yourself and the world around. That’s the biggest gift you will learn yourself.

Great, and not even only in and for the participants themselves, to feel and see a wonderful total energy shift in, and connection between, people in such a week, making you aware of LIVING in connection.

Worth (and looking forward) organizing.

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Sleeping as meditation? How does it work (and much more). Some insights out of Buddhist philosophy.

Actually quite a nice experience. Starting this year my first early morning class changed in name and now is called 'Buddhist philosophy and meditation’. And from the first moment it carries this name the classes, so far, became busier and busier with guests from all kind of different cultures. The word ‘meditation’ apparently still often scares people a bit. Too woolly and not connected still for several people is the label. On vacation in Thailand (or any other Buddhist country) or as here taking ‘Me-time’ to work on physical or mental health, people feel invited and show interested to learn and understand more about background and culture.

For a period of more than six weeks I hardly hear the quote "I am joining your class alone today. My partner wanted to go on meditating in her/his bed”. Quite often the last weeks there are even more people who, even earlier than the start of the morning yoga, join the Buddhist philosophy and meditation class. Nothing to do with our four great skilled, inspiring and inviting yoga instructors. Even more and more Chinese guests while the Chinese owner of our place first thought Chinese guests would not highly appreciate meditation. They do, and I am very happy about it.

So I miss that phrase more and more. Can you see sleep as meditation? And of course I know that with a big smile on their face it was mend to be a funny quote.

Buddhism knows two types of meditation that actually cannot be seen as separated parts. Samatha and Vipassana. You can see them as the two wings of a bird. With only one wing a bird cannot fly. Thousands of guests visit Thailand every year to attend the so-called Vipassana meditation retreat programs. Not knowing and understanding what it means. And how crazy it may sound, Vipassana is the second step.

It all starts with Samatha, which very roughly stands for focus and relaxation. Samatha, very gently turns into Vipassana what roughly means insight and being aware of breathing.

To stay in your bed to sleep an hour longer could be seen therefore as part of Samatha meditation. Isn’t it your choice for relaxation? And… no, your insight (or General Excuse) is totally wrong.

Often I get the question from guests: "Can you help me to stop thinking and calm down my monkey mind? Stop thinking? No, better not. I am not able to do that and you are not able to do that as well. Better think about stopping if the traffic light is red. We do not have a button to turn off our thinking process. We can learn, and that is not a one-time activity but a lifelong covenant with yourself, to calm the flow of thoughts down. The meaning of meditation is training the mind. You train your personal central computer, your mind. And just like your take care of your physical body everyday – taking a shower or wash it – why not at least give your mind every day one moment of your attention. After all, you want to stay healthy.

And still… we have a button/switch and hardly ever think about it. Buddhist philosophy teaches that we have eight states of consciousness. Five of them, they are conveniently called our salesmen/saleswomen, we turn off every day without even being aware. Those five, driven by looking, tasting, feeling, hearing and smelling, can only connect you with now, with your present moment. You cannot literally look ahead or look backward, not taste what comes tomorrow or hear the sounds of music at the party that is organized next week for you. Those five senses connect you purely just and only with and for the present moment.
And what about that switch? Once you get into your bed and go to sleep then you switch this five off without any problem. Actually, you bring them in deep sleep or deep relaxation state.

The sixth sense in Buddhist philosophy is our mind (our mano-consciousness). And that mind organ has the ability and the capacity to deal with the now, our past and our future. If no "now signals" enter from our five senses than the mind at random and partly uncontrolled connect with past experiences and thoughts about the future. We start dreaming. Be aware, after all, we cannot turn of our mind (better not).

Examining your fears very deeply, you eventually will discover that the base of your fear is you are afraid to die. It gives us our basic strength and will to survive, to continue to connect with the world around us. In my former profession in worldwide crises and disaster management I had to deal a lot with this. Going to bed, we do not feel any fear to fall asleep and most people never realize that they switch off their consciousness and disconnect with the world around with ease. Not even sure you will wake up the next day. Sorry to tell you I have many stories and experiences with this theme/thought that this inner and satisfying believe is not at all the truth. No fear to fall asleep and turn off, fear to die…

During meditation practice all our senses go on working to be fully conscious. Like the butterfly that stays fully conscious (his/her way to survive) on the picture. We only give this group of our five main senses a temporary ‘home’ (often focusing on our nose tip or our breathing). We try to bring our senses back from temptations and focus on ourselves. Fully conscious and being present. And yes, that's really different from sleep.

It makes me happy more and more people are discovering the value to learn more about this philosophy and even take a closer look at all free available offers to LIVE life more consciously, mindfully and a with more peace of mind. 

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

Friday, February 10, 2017

Use your own ‘magic’ personal healing power. Highly recommended.

Yesterday finally, 7 weeks after my accident with my red Yamaha Tricity, I discovered my scooter finally is fixed. It costs me about halve a brand new bike on spare parts and wages. And actually I am happy to pay that because I am still alive. There was a lot of damage, material (my scooter), physical (my body), and also a bit mental (not the ego but for a couple of weeks fright and still driving more careful).

Strange enough it took my body (only) 6 weeks to totally recover. At the emergency room at Lanna Hospital in Chiang Mai the doctor already told me I must have a lot of good Karma because I had lots of wounds and injuries on the total left side of my body, but nothing broken and he was in doubt to use stiches or not. He thought the body was able to heal by itself providing that I took good care of the wounds and healing process. We decided to do it without stiches. I got 5 different medicines (to be honest I only used two for three days).

One of my neighbours helped me with a kind of ultrasound curing for my left arm and shoulder and some ‘personal health responsibility anti-bacterial treatment’. I myself started with personal (Shamanic) healing in relation to positive and stimulating healing energy support by thoughts and intentions. Possibly some people who read this will think this is really a woolly story and I am not at all connected with the earth again. Just think and judge what you want to think or judge but still… My ‘personal repair’ only took 6 weeks without any other treatment.

We think all this wonders and magic stories you can find in books as the bible, vague self-help books, etc.. And yes, most people believe in the past and possibly now as well there are some people who had or have special healing power. My dad for instance is an example. And actually he showed me, it’s only a question of believe because we all have this ‘magic’ energy and healing power. The only thing is, we are not aware, we are not used to use it and think we are not trained and immediately label this things as ‘woolly’. So let’s visit a specialist, a doctor, a therapist to work on it and do not trust yourself.

This time, listening to the voice of my father and having more and more experience working with energy and sound flow and curing, I gave it a try. I invited my body to heal by itself. To show me his inner restorative power.

I started to support my healing process with positive and encouraging attention, thoughts and energy work (Buddhism uses for some of this techniques the word Metta). And with this inner energy you are able to connect with any cell, organ or tissue of your body. Supporting the healing process. Just a matter of making use of the inner available energy in every person to be able to heal not only other beings but yourself as well.

A wonder? Maybe not any longer if you believe it is available in you, for you and to serve the world around. Highly recommended and…it doesn’t hurt to try.

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

Friday, February 3, 2017

Study more easily and achieve better results by using a part of your ‘boring time’ in a different way.

Three weeks ago a Chinese mother and her daughter visited me. The daughter, a student, acted as her mothers translator. She addressed her mother could not find any peace in her mind and actually it was the same for her as well. They had heard about my Mind Manage Training courses I organize here at the resort and wanted to hear and learn more from it. 

The daughter, who really was super interested and engaged with the theme, mainly wanted to know if there was a way to study more easily and also to achieve better results. She immediately added that she had only limited or actually no extra time because she was too busy with everything going on in her life, with her studies and with the things going on around her.

And again, I cannot help it, coincidence. A former fire chief in my region, who now works in the Dutch Rotterdam-Rijnmond area, sends me the same week an article published in the Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ (AD) about the Rotterdam Buddha Festival with the headline: "Mobiles off Buddha on". With a big smile he asked me: "Did you start opening new branches / franchises in the Netherlands?"

Two simple answers with some explanation to help you to understand easier or better.

# Yes it is possible (even scientifically proven) to study more easily and thereby to achieve better results.
# No, I am not creating new branches / franchises in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world and will never that.

To start with the last answer. I noticed that the area, the habitat, where you live and work is essential. It offers you the underlying energy (flow/engagement) to share the things you have to bring. I discovered Thailand is my home. This all does not mean that I may not tarry with my activities at other places in the world. Basic requirement for this is that I feel good in that place. To feel enough flow (be and stay in my strength) and participants literally engage with the activities we do at that energetic place. So as the article in the newspaper AD indicates to take some time to take a rest for themselves and disconnect to connect.
And now, my main theme in my program is not, seen by many as woolly - to discover the Buddha. I am from origin still a constructional engineer and a fire chief. So skip that ‘fluffy’ part and do not immediately talk and think in stereotypes.

And about the first question if there is a way to make studying easier and achieve much better results the explanation actually is quite simple. You need to unlearn some things, in a playful way and without even knowing, you learned in your past. You should be more aware and get insight in your behaviour. You have to learn and train right concentration and right effort and build up a new routine being and continuing the master of your mind instead of the slave.

Hardly have time for that? Even for this the answer is simple and the explanation in my opinion easy to understand.
Do not make me laugh. You only give attention to your own created General Excuse.
For the majority life has many, many, many "boring time" and "time to wait". And what do we do if we are or get bored? We start hanging watching television, we play a game on our computer or mobile device, or for hours we chat. Apparently we have more than enough time for that. And people tell themselves they do not have time (or do not want to spend time?) to really invest in themselves?

It's just learning and creating a new life routine. To use 15 minutes, preferably early in the morning, a day to pay attention and to take care of your inner personal computer. Your mind. To calm it and to keep calm and fit. To skip only 15 minutes of your ‘boring time' and turn it into Mind Manage Training practice. Working on a drill with the things I mentioned.
Very quickly you will feel and face the effects. More peace in your mind, better concentration, more connection, better and brighter choices, better sleep, time left, and a desire to use more of your 'boring time' for that where it really all about for you. Why? Because with this practice you open up your mind treasures step by step. You find immeasurable treasures, boundless thinking and peace of mind.  

An investment in your future and better results - guaranteed – not only in relation to your studies.

It has only to do with the firm will to take the first step and the power to continue to practice. Progress will come…

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”