Friday, September 19, 2014

What do you desire? Be the change - as a student, young potential, young professional - you want to see in this world. Discoveries in a Boot Camp Thailand.

What do you desire? What makes you itch? Hold for a while!

Lots of people do things they do not like doing in order to go on living that is to go on doing the things they do not like doing… Isn’t this stupid?

Do not spend your life in a miserable and most of the time unengaged way. A waste of (life)time. Use your intelligence and be the change you want to see in this world.


"Praiseworthy you work with mouth to mouth recommendation but you are not at all serving the (academic) world with this policy. 
Please spread and share the news of these enriching and inspiring opportunities you give in Thailand now. 
Promote these Boot Camps to Mastery programs as longing goals/awards - or just as an excellent challenge - to universities, colleges, students & young potentials and, maybe in a slight different way, to young professionals. 
Lend your hand, experience and inspiration to them to host them. 
Motivate and help them to be much more prepared and anticipated to take responsible (further) steps in their career and life and to stay true to themselves.”

Words from a University professor. What to say when you are not a screaming salesperson? So why not use, for one time, my blog for this and try to give a helping hand with our Boot Camps to Mastery? Addressed? Feel invited to read on.


Take a seat, hold for a while and be honest to yourself.
Ask yourself the, maybe on first sight strange, question: “What do I want to do when money was no object? How do I really want to spend my life? Stop the immediately appearing ‘But…’ in your mind for a while, Imagine yourself spending your life in a free and happy way, after all, earning enough money to really live your life.
After all… if, with all your (latent) talents and gifts, you do really like what you are doing you can eventually become a master in it. The only way to become a master first is getting to know yourself better. For sure there is much more value hiding in you. With this insight find and stay really with what you want. Be engaged and follow your mission. Then you are able to get a good payment for whatever it is.

As a (nearly) graduated student or young potential you, build up knowledge and first expertise, life experience and competence. You are ready for the first steps to take in a career you think.
As a young professional you already took the first steps into a career. Now you came to a natural point to start asking yourself; “This is it...?, What’s next...?”.
All natural moments to stop for a while, sit still, make up your balance sheet, and to discover what you really want to do. For sure you want to share the best, your full potential, with the world, continue growing and live a joyful life. Did you already find the way to your Mastery to make this process easier and sustainable?

Mastery, for us, is a loose and involved form of competence out of inner wisdom. Mastery goes beyond 'expertise', 'life experience', ´knowledge´ and ´competence´. It is an attitude of personal freedom. One of 'you are who you are' in an environment that allows and appreciate you to be exactly that way. It would be regrettable for yourself and those around you not sharing your full potential. 

Open your doors and take steps to mastery! A call to adventure and discovery to create the situation you like.

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