Friday, June 13, 2014

Who are you?

Who are you? 

Seems to be a simple question…

This question, regularly, arises during our programs. Many participants however wrestle to answer it. Sometimes it even is a confrontation (also emotional) when they cannot find  an answer immediately in the inner emptiness that arise. Anyway, one has to search deep dealing with this question. A quick answer does not come up. Doesn't this strike you as 'odd' because  you are ‘living’ for such a long time already? It took me even over fifty years to start answering this question.

As an example; You are not your name. This is how they call you (or how you prefer to be called).
You are no manager, city council member, director, professor, project leader, doctor, therapist, or what ever. This is after all what you do or your job (occupation).
You are not partner, father or mother, brother or sister, nephew or niece. This is your relationship and/or roll.
This are all patches, patterns, and dreams around yourself. They hide the inner void. They do not show and share the energy of who you really are and what the world is waiting for.

So… Who are you?
There is not a single person in this world exactly like you. Since you were born you are, as you are, complete and perfect. Nothing had to be added and nothing had to be taken away. All the treasures you need to be who you are and to reach your destiny in life are already inside. You are, to say in one word, unique!

It’s your environment, society, who teaches you to become 'perfect'. You want the approval of others. That they say something that makes you feel good. But this is ridiculous because you already are perfect. You only have to be aware of it.

So stop wasting your time, your life, your money and your energy searching for ‘another you’ thinking you getting approval from others. You are trying to escape from yourself. Not confronting your true self. Don’t be distracted from your destiny because others are watching you.

The Eastern approach is to start searching and knowing the authentic and valuable ‘dreamer’ from the inside. This awareness and insight provides free (inner) space to live, grow and excellent creation as balance in a world in transition.

When you are who you are you will never be deceived. Being who you are is called real LIVING. You do not have to be a beggar (any more) for things which assume to help you to make you perfect. Don’t ask. With asking you will miss much that is already available in you. Look and dis-cover rather than asking. All the treasures you need are already inside you. You only have to be aware and start living them. Stop doing things which you never wanted to do.

Are you weird in the eyes of other people when you are and act who you are? Just say... you are unique. You always were.

Taking the time to really answer the question; “Who am I?” for yourself, can bring you wealth and freedom. It’s marvellous to have this experience (time after time) with guests here in Villa Asia.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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