Friday, October 31, 2014

The inspiration of a mountain

I remember my dad as always inspired by mountains. During the summer holidays we often went to a place, Oud Valkenburg - part of Schin op Geul municipality- in the south part of The Netherlands. He felt home walking alone daily for a couple of hours in the forest and on the top of the hills. When I was older, together with him, I went to Austria, his favorite country because of again… the mountains.

Living here in Thailand already for a while, every day I work and live with nature. Nature for me is inspiring, a new bond. And, learning more about Buddhism, also the Buddha got a lot of his teachings out of the connection with nature. The only thing was that he took his time to watch, feel, smell, taste and hear nature and to be aware of the energy of nature. When you are inspired by nature, nature is an easy example and mirror of how to live life.

With some guests we took the time to enjoy a mountain / hill (see the picture) and waited till inspiration touched us. A wonderful experience I want to share with the help of a so called ‘Dhama talk’ we used.

We mentioned that mountains are still, stead-fast and durable. They are solid and reliable.

From moment to moment mountains are expressing through nature. They are connected with the earth. They are stable. They are going on with lives. They are an expression of nature marching on. And also they are from one day to the next continuing the presence. And from one season to the next their appearance changes in the same way that the appearance of somebody taking one step after another is changing. The clouds which role over the mountain tops interact in harmony. Just like the footsteps when we walk on the path.

Mountains are present in the landscape. They accept everything. Mountains don’t hide when snow and ice comes. When it rains or when the baking sun beats down. And when people trample all over them, or drop litter on them, the mountain just accepts that. This does not say you do not have to pay respect to nature. But the mountain, without complaint, accepts life completely as it is.

We got the in-sight for ourselves; Don’t try and hide from the truth of situations. Respond appropriately. Accept the fact that you are free to do whatever is right and good. And you should be fearless in doing of what is right or good. Just as a mountain is fearless. Become mountains for each other. Be solid, pleasant, trusted and reliable for each other.

And yes. There are always two sights. There is light and dark in all things. Mountains are not all fluffy. They are not all love and light. There can be dangerous places. There can be avalanches and mud slides and temperatures going very low. And in a way it’s the same with life too. Life can have dangers. And we need to respect that fact.

So, maybe, next time you see a mountain or hill… take some time to stand still and be inspired. 

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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