Friday, October 25, 2013

Leadership is still falling short in inspiration and soul engagement of employees.

A short while ago one of my friends wrote me an email. Part of her message was about the organization she is working in. Her story made me a little bit sad because I recognized it so much. With our programs we try to close the gap, that seems to be still there, in an easy way.Most companies or organizations still do not take any (or adequate) action to do something about and with it. Missed opportunity and chance!
To share a part of her mail:
"What I regret to the branch in which I work is that there is so little attention to balance and development for the individual. And then to consider that we have to work much longer and just about everyone goes through certain stages in their lives. That is where   leadership still rather falls short, because I see in my area that more and more people are looking for meaning and making sense and that's not really a topic for reflection and talking about ! Inspiration is often far away ... and that's just my (only) motivation, I see this more and more. "

I don’t understand, just in times of crisis, management does not show more commitment on the relatively simple phenomenon ‘business with soul engagement’. To give attention to and invest (more) in underlying inspirational energy of their employees. Fortunately people are talking more and more about it and understanding the issue.But the ‘SMART systems’ which are used for measuring, are not  very helpful because soul engagement is not 'measurable '. It is hard to give 'feeling’, which is part of soul engagement, a mark or a grade.
So better to not begin with it at all, smirk it of with 'woolly' or 'spacey' and with a kind of general excuse; ‘Can’t we go on with the things that really matter in our business…’

Modern work has changed dramatically. More than half of the organizations is working with teams. Network organizations create other desired leadership and contribute to an explosive growth of connected 'colleagues'. Gigantic rapid technological developments and communication networks connect people who do not really know each other. Wherever people literally work together in teams on the work floor it is becoming more natural to put knowledge, experience and specific talents of the individual to serve the common interest.
Binding and servant leadership contribute to the ability of individual managers to know their  employees and are aware of their specific talents, positioning them in the best way in a team for a better result. Often just only this already contributes to a better engagement, more inspiration and performance of both the individual as well as the team.

If you know how to inspire employees to contribute to a job where they just have the unique qualities for. That you make them aware of their valuable contribution to the whole. In this way, work that comes faster and faster upon us will be of higher quality, with fewer errors (mistakes) and therefore is done faster. That is pure profit for both the organization and for the motivation and connecting with employees. Which was just the basis of business? Right...making profits!?
With the addition of inspiration and soul engagement ... far more than simply to be expressed in money...priceless.

Do you have the guts and the courage to search for inspiration and soul engagement in yourself or your organization ? Inspired, passionate and unique hands are doing faster and better jobs!  

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Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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