Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Don't pray for peace! He made and still makes life more beautiful. Tribute to my oldest brother Fons Captijn

Picture: 'Car' blessing by Fons in Santpoort - NL
Thanks to Ron Pichell / RTV Seaport for the picture.
I just got a message my oldest brother passed away.

This is not an “In Memoriam” as a form of remembrance of somebody that left this world and who occasionally can or may be back in our mind. It's a tribute. An ode and an active call. An encouragement to continue. Only a remembrance is not at all enough for covering the value of his (ongoing) life.

My eldest brother Fons is the first born of our family of father, mother and five children, and I am the last. Between him and me is a thirteen year time difference. At least one generation maybe even two.  For my parents it was an honor, out of their and our Catholic background, that Fons was going to study to become a priest at the monastery of the "Missionaries of the Sacred Heart" (MSC) in Driehuis, The Netherlands. Eventually he decided not to become a priest and after a few short wanderings, he actually became a kind of priest. He married, became father of a family with two children and worked in various parishes in the north-west part of The Netherlands as an inspirational deacon. For people who do not know this word/profession, you can translate it the simplest way in my eyes as ‘layman priest'. A person blessed/dedicated by a bishop to serve as a helper in and for the church community.

To me, it is the experience that a so-called ‘clerical collar’ is not always necessary to bring in depth, experience, hope and flow. Fons did this on his own creative, humorous (see picture) and sometimes a bit progressive way. Standing, rooted and with lots of experience, as a shepherd in the middle of his flock, the community. The present Pope Francis, I think, would be proud and inspired by his way of serving and sharing. He brought motion in and to people. He inspired people.

Do not pray for peace! Only one out of many of his phrases and speeches during a preaching with Christmas, from a whole lot, that woke up people  Shaking them awake with the intention of bringing them into balance again).
And if you only think about that sentence, that statement, isn’t that a kind of inner wake-up call?

What a waste of time and effort to pray for peace. Even at the time Christ was born there was no peace in the world. Has there ever been peace in the world? And is that because of the world? And do you think there will ever be peace? No peace is lasting. There is a tendency to pray for peace so you can push peace a bit away because yes it’s a good thing but you might think you are not able to help make it happen. You do not see any solution anymore. It is out of your hands… So by praying you pass your wish, your efforts, onto somebody else. Somebody that is bigger, some power that is much stronger, in the hope it might be possible for him/her. That ‘God’. Aren’t you fooling yourself in a gigantic way? Isn’t this an easy way. To give peace away? Pray for peace? Stop it! Fiddle sticks.

People, mere human beings, make a mess of it. And praying to no longer have those ruins no longer will not help. People are different, cultures are different, religions are different (even though they actually are basically all the same), and because things do not fit in our thinking, our behavior, our ‘own street’, there is no peace. It’s not even possible. Praying for it or not.

Stop with the energy and time to pray for it. Just start yourself. The first thing to understand is that you are "only" human. And human beings make mistakes. Nothing wrong with it. You probably learn from it and that process we call living. One of the things in life that is certain is that you do not live alone. There are men and women around you. And those are all human beings so they also can make mistakes. And if the things they do are really wrong or not ... that has everything to do with your opinion and your perception. With your judging. Things make you upset? You only can make yourself upset. No, no other people. It's all about your programming from the past that causes your personal reflections. and thus personal disturbances, anger, greed, hate, jealousy, anxiety. Do you intend to make mistakes? Do others have the intention to make mistakes to bring you into trouble?

It’s all up to you. You are in charge. Just go ahead. First, live that peace yourself. Show. Share. Be real. Don’t go for praying, just focus on doing. First, face and tackle that war within  yourself instead of seeking solutions in the outside world and blaming others. And yes, that can be challenging or maybe even more confrontational and yet you are doing a good job. Much better than praying.

And besides, out of my more than five years' stay in Thailand, this is a very valuable Buddhist approach as well.

Fons is different, Fons goes on. So much he planted and did sow. He brought too many people in motion and nobody will ever be able to stop that ongoing process. And with that he made and, beware, he still makes LIFE become a bit more beautiful. Because others will go on with that as part of their lives. With those insights and with that inspiration. And they bring it into the world at their own way.
He once studied at the monastery and gymnasium of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He did not have to learn to become a missionary. He already was. That mission, that passion, being there for others with a message, is his life and although there is no movement any longer in that physical cover only showing my brother on the outside, HE does not say goodbye.

In fact, it's just a start. An invitation. A beginning to hear that call; "Do not pray! Get started! Put into practice! " And yes, these are my own words.
An active call an encouragement. No need for any reminder, remembrance or “In Memoriam”. The seed that is sown or plant that is planted just need some water, temperature and air (action) and occasionally some sun. Do not wait. You always can create the right season…

And so he goes on with that. In Memoriam? No, not at all for my brother. His life was too valuable for that. People who know him and had to deal with him do not know what I mean. They just feel it and continue with him, just like me!

And that's why I do not feel his death as a farewell or goodbye. Much more, it is a feeling of getting the opportunity to let go in full trust that he is deeply rooted in me and I will easily continue my life with him always beside me and partly in me. 

Frans Captijn
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Autonomy: Withdraw peoples autonomy and they become depressed. A survey of my life living over five years abroad now.

I help a friend in the Netherlands with developing a course "Sleep better within five weeks". It’s a great experience and opportunity to share things with each other and to go deeper, to discover more, about and into yourself.

In response to a dialogue about the meaning of life he noted:
"Another completion to life purpose is that human beings have two basic needs:

1. Being part of a group
2. Prestige within this group.

Autonomy: withdraws peoples autonomy and they become depressed."

And looking back on living and working here in Thailand for over five years now, I feel connected with and recognize more and more that last sentence. My autonomy…

I am in a process of embracing that autonomy more and more. Doing that I take more and more distance and say goodbye to all kind of “groups”. And it is visible I am doing this. Except LinkedIn no social media ‘friends-connections’ anymore. The uniform I've ever worn has changed a lot, and also if you see what I still keep (need) in my house or what belongs to me (all temporarily too). No more car, no personal driver, no luxury (although maybe in a different way I still have), no closets full of suits, shirts and ties or all kind of different pairs of leather Floris van Bommel (brand) shoes ...

Shorts. Some of them even with holes in it. Slippers. Shirts that I would never really wear in the Netherlands because of my job and because they are sometimes even broken. My thought changed in "It’s still possible to wear". Not to save money but because it not necessary to throw them away yet.
I can and may be myself without any outside show or expectations (to be honest I created in my own mind).

What I like more and more in my life, I yesterday spoke about it with my German neighbor, are the wonderful guests walking in and out of my life. I am open and willing to connect intensively and deeply for the period they stay with us here. To listen to their life story’s, and after their visit to let go. In full inner belief that we did not mixed up ‘for nothing’ but it brought something for all of us including me. Insight, flow and growth. I call it 'Street University of Life'. And yes many new ‘friendships’ and long lasting connections show up. All without any ‘clinging’. I've lost the "clinging". Everybody is responsible for his or her own life. And the first thing to do is to keep peace of mind (happiness) myself so I can be available in the best possible way to fulfill my mission (to others).  

If possible no routine any longer or at least as less as possible. To open up for what’s waiting to show up during a day and what people (connections) bring. And maybe that can be seen as a new routine. However ... unpredictable and free. Intense, innovative, creative, challenging, enough time, rest, growth, respect, deeper holistic connection, playfulness, authenticity, nature and even affection.

More and more freedom from all mind constructs, from all mind games; freedom from all structures, freedom from the other / freedom in connection. No discipline. When there is no discipline, when there is no enforced order, a totally different kind of order arises in you. For me it is an experience of arising of more and more access to insight. It just happens. It is simply creating space for new things to come and fall and flow into place. 

And if I look deeper into this, I do not think it's even possible for me to walk this life-path in good health without that ongoing changing diet for growth etc. Life feels wonderful and more meaningful to me because of short intense contacts and, above all, that autonomy.
That autonomy for me is so powerful that I do not really feel the two mentioned ‘basic needs’ anymore. Or at least do not feel that needs as I experienced before in my life.

I feel less and less the need of any emotional connection in any group. Maybe because it can be an attack on my autonomy I am just discovering more and more. Actually what a strange new experience ...
And of course I know that I still belong to many groups. As still being Dutch, belong to the 'group' Dutch people in Thailand, to the 'group' people who live in Mae Rim, etc .. But to express I feel a real good group member? I don’t think so.

It even plays a role for me in personal relationships and in my family life. It first encloses working on being and staying 'All - one'. And for me, again, that’s not selfish. In a holistic way (body, mind, emotions, spirituality, and energy balance in relation to your environment) in good health and balance to be there for others in the best suitable way. Freedom in connection or freedom in bond, I call it regularly. And it's more than amazing to actually get that back as a mirror from my two children. Freedom in union initiated by a basic respect and trust towards each other. I wrote about it a little while ago in relation to my daughter (http://captijninsightthailand.blogspot.com/2017/08/live-without-aim-accept-your-life-as.html).

That five years so far, this first lustrum, is an experience and invitation to go on living this way and explore even more about Living life. An invitation not to go back to my country of birth.

And when I sent this message to my friend, his send me this response again in return:

Frans, you make me something clear I can understand completely. How important autonomy is to you.

In your description of your personal vision on autonomy and membership to a group, this came up in me. It's not the connection with the group, but the judgmental character and the commitments to the group you made yourself free from. Living your autonomy learned you to connect and let go. The way you describe this, it seems like balance between day and night and the changing of seasons. Living your autonomy more and more this way you experience the rhythm of pure life, in which you are completely who you really are and what was not accepted or appreciated several times by others, the group. The regular judgmental character and the commitments to the group raises resistance in you.

The distance, now, has become so far both figurative and literal, that it seems unbridgeable..

Don’t forget and keep in mind that some people here seek that connection with you without obligations and judgments. Out of pure love to you as the man you are. A personality, authentic Frans, who they have made part in their hearts. Perhaps they form a small group you are part of. A group without a judgmental character and obligations.

And this answer touched me deeply. And this reaction touched me. The nail right on the head. Freedom in connection. Thankful and grateful for the life that I may and can live.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Missing you makes me happy and connect me even more with the here and now.

Yesterday I wrote to a good friend of mine in an e-mail: “Missing you makes me happy and connects me even more with here and now”

After a short while I got a response from her and she asked me two questions;
# Let me know "missing me so much" can make you happy?
# Let me know "missing me so much" can make you live more in the "here and now"?

Sure I can understand at first sight what I wrote down can feel and look a bit strange. And thinking deeper about those two questions gave me and her a deeper understanding of the underlying meaning. And I really want to share that insights because most of the time we connect missing someone with a kind of sad feelings and/or unwholesome thoughts.

After my mom passed a way, to honor her, I started to do courses in the evening hours to become an actor. My mom was an actress and I just I wanted to discover if she shared that gems with me as well. People who know me will get a smile on their face because they will immediately tell me I do not have to discover that because they met my inner Jester already many times before that courses.

One of the things I learned is that there are several ways to deal with feelings and so also to act and express. My courses made me clear that we behave, act, respond out of basic elements. Earth, Water, Fire, and Ether. You can see them as underlying energies.

Out of for example the element Fire, you can use the same energy to create a happy feeling (you spread your energy for instance by laughing, bright shining eyes, openness for connection) but also to get a sad feeling (you keep the energy inside yourself, feel down, do not want to connect, maybe even tears in your eyes).

A warm, kind, friendship and for sure a relationship has to do with connection in many ways. A kind of holistic connection. Emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental (energy giving) and also physical. Interaction of senses with yourself and in relation to other persons as we learn in tantric work. In the present time I think there is a huge lack of this intense connections some people are even afraid. But…that’s beside this story.

“Missing you makes me happy” ? Because the connection experience and energy that once appeared in a natural way, even not being physically close together now, gives me the energy to be even more sparkling, attentive, open to give and to receive. The sad sides (the other energy use of the elements) so far did not show up. So do not affect me because it does not appear (yet).

Let me explain why. For me it is essential to know and to feel there still is a connection. Sending and receiving short messages to each other on a regular base for instance helps me to understand ‘the energy, the connection wire, is still there’. For me that’s different than to get a message once in a while. For me it works as watering the roots of a plant and sometimes to offer the plant some sunshine or even rain for a shower. Call it attention (every person needs in my opinion). Not that I am clinging on attention but if in a natural way things work out this way this feels OK. Being free and feeling a deeper connection.
The second thing is I know and feel there will be a time, I do not know when, we will be close together for a short while again. Looking forward to that moment gives me a kind feeling of longing. And that feeling again is a wonderful energy.

In relation to the second question I already gave the answer in between the lines.
This positive energy of “missing you” does not make me sad so far but on the contrary gives me positive energy. Energy to be more open, more alert, more connected. It’s a kind of feeling of excitement. And believe it or not… this connect me even more with the here and now.

How wonderful to understand even more to use the energy of the elements in a stimulating way. Free available energy to create an even higher level of peace of mind (happiness).

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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Friday, September 8, 2017

The self-satisfaction of: "There is always better and you MUST go for it!" ? Do not destroy your life.

A short while ago I worked with a Shanghai guest. In full pride he told me about all the trophy’s he already got and what he already had achieved in life. He was honest, he also had to face a few huge disappointments in his life so far. A few times, he did not win the first prize in relation to his work. Actually, that was very unfair and possibly the jury was influenced. His friends made him believe out of their knowledge and connection his work was much better than the winner...

Success stories, accomplished goals, drive to more and better. He was well-known and on his way to become famous. Something in which I also once believed. To say it right, not so much on my way to become famous but still... many people knew me and were my "friend" on the social media. My name was in the (Dutch) newspapers and sometimes even on television.
It’s so nice to discover many of our guests do not even know where to find The Netherlands on the world map. They had never heard of me before. And I still know and meet even more people who (only think) they are famous, sometimes even a celebrity. And I never heard about them before. This all made me clear that it is all and only satisfying the image you only create in your mind. Nothing 'VIPs'. Wake up, go to the toilet, take a shower and discover you are not so ‘important’ at all. You play a game with yourself. Consuming lots of energy and being more and more in the role of actor in your life.

What triggered me in my guest's story was that he did not even literally hold the next trophy or he was already trying to get the next one, showing he reached the next higher level.

He literally lived the Chinese quote: "There's always more to achieve, there's always better to get." Or he actually understood the two sides of the same medal…? This was an insight he got when he started to work on himself here.

The saying gives you for example the understanding; There is always a more beautiful and/or more loving and caring woman, and always a more beautiful and/or more loving and caring man. " There is always a higher place to reach in society, a higher position, a higher status, just always more to reach. And even if you reach the highest place ... it's all only temporary. The Olympic Games for example shows it. Every other four years human beings ‘beat’ the ‘old’ speed, height, winner(s). We stress ourselves up, make ourselves sometimes even ill, trying to reach more. It’s never enough. And our society, our culture, etc., supports this process.

Our hang to fame, for the outside world visible more and more ongoing success, show, has a lot to do with the self-satisfaction of our Ego. There is no end to it.

Is it wrong to chase goals? Not at all. It has to do with our clinging on reaching goals. And because of that clinging we are so focused that we do not enjoy available life the fullest. Know that you can live without 'goals'. In many cases you live life much more connected and intense.
Wanting to reach a goal you can see as a driving force, a motivation. First of all a drive to satisfy your basic needs, then to satisfy your ego, after that to work on your personal development and growth and last but not least (and usually when you grow older) in relation to what your life really is about, your purpose (we also call it spiritual).

And although self-satisfaction of the Ego is also a very natural process, a driving force, you can get out of balance. It can make you sick. Exhaustion, burn-out.

There is always more to reach, there is always better, there is always more beautiful, there is always a higher level of ‘loveable’.  
And do you also enjoy living life, enjoy being with yourself? Being thankful and grateful of the (most of the time more than enough) ‘things’ you have in life? Do you celebrate life? Do you really live life or changing endlessly the finish line of goals to reach further away? You will never come ‘home’.

Nothing is exhausting more in sports than to put the finish line (your goal to reach) further away during for instance your running. It’s like changing the rules during the game. And this is what you do to yourself. If you keep on focussing, keep on moving, from goal to goal, you miss the experience of all the impressions everything that is waiting for you during your trip. Your focus is on the goal and all the free available values of life, nature, blue sky, air to breath, a playing child in a small stream, the smile on the face of your love, his or her twinkling eyes (mirrors of the soul), you do not even notice.

Ego satisfaction? Keep in mind that it's an endless deep well in which your energy flows away. An energy drainer. And after a short while, with all your trophies, who do still remember you, ‘honor’ you? Is still thankful for having you around(I speak a little bit out of my own experience)?
Perhaps it's not even a crazy idea to start to live life and give attention for yourself, to stay in (right) balance, find and live the right lifestyle as well to keep a sustainable better health. Good for you, good for the world around you.

There is always better, there is always more, there is always more beautiful. Enjoy more the journey of living instead of striving for more and more success (which you usually forget to celebrate).

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Dare to stop and experience your biggest step forward

A few weeks ago I met a Chinese colleague. By chance we met each other when she followed a health program at our resort.

She told me about various experiences with her guests in China and soon we came to the turnaround that both of us made in life. Both actually around six years ago. My one-sided accident driving through a tunnel made me stop. For her it was a conscious choice because she did not get enough satisfaction in her job caused by a lack of full flow of her talents.

We stopped. In fact, we had never really experienced that stopping. Always on the move to the next goal, always focused on more to reach, both in personal life and with and for our organizations. She once worked for a big Chinese company as HRM director and now, like me, independently. And she also took the pen to write books related to personal development and life flow, purpose and sources, like I did.

That topic , the art of stopping, became a very enjoyable subject for a dialogue. Deepening and exploring. She indicated that there was a Chinese saying, actually it worked out to be her own saying; "If you dare to stop, you make the biggest step forward." It worked out to be her way of life. A sentence to deepen and to ponder about a bit.

Stopping, actually doing nothing, means much and much more than I ever thought. And still I often have trouble with stopping. Just to 'drop', to leave everything you're up to. Well, people who know me a little bit, know that's nothing for me, Now I can say that it was nothing for me. Always busy. Multi-tasking. Actually, it gave me a fantastic opportunity and way to flee away for myself, as things showed up now. And even that experience you do not get or understand when you're moving, not being at halt. And in this way stopping is a lot doing…

You, or better to say we, as also worked out during our chat about this topic, are always looking for something outside ourselves. In our outside world. A solution, a direction, an answer. We are trying to change the world around us so it can help us to make progress – we only think – in moving on.

And by focusing on the next goal, we are not even aware about so many solutions for the things we are dealing with stored within. If you do not feel comfortable in a situation you are in the real solutions cannot be found in the outside world. They real answers and solutions are already stored in you. Ready and waiting to be discovered, un-covered. And to give this process a chance you need to come home to yourself first.

If you dare to stop, you will find out that you first may have the (lot of times uncomfortable) feeling that you are confronted with yourself. And isn’t that actually a great challenge? You are the one that spend 24 hours with yourself. Getting to know yourself better is a lot more a favor than a threat. Be sure at a certain moment you will recognize this. Being always busy. Always moving and alert on what’s happening in the outside world. You leave too many chances and opportunities ready for gathering.

Stopping. Just to hangout as a kind of "hermit" is a foundation for creating inner wisdom. Listening to the resonation of your own bell being the clapper yourself. No study or school needed. Simply isolate yourself for a short while to listen to yourself. How am I doing? Why do I do this? What is the cause I'm suffering from this effect? Do others experience the same? Why and why not? What is over and over again disturbing me? Has this to do with my programming? Is it still necessary to interrupt me any longer? Am I not too short-sighted? Does the other or others really have the intention to hurt me or us? Am I curious enough? And many more other questions you can ask yourself just by contemplating.

Stopping will prove to be your greatest step forward in creativity, solutions, anticipating instead of responding, rest, resilience and in health.

Stopping, as my guests show me more and more, is taking steps forward. Nothing selfish. It's not necessary to move on all the time...

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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