Friday, March 20, 2015

Tantra… encounter the jewels of new life energy

A couple of years ago one of our guests became very emotional doing, bare feet, a walking exercise in soft grass at our place. At home he was not allowed to walk bare feet. Without even thinking about this first, walking in the soft grass wasn’t just only a sensation for him. It filled up his whole being. He felt totally released by expanding his awareness when the grass massaged his feet and his feet massaged the grass. The connection with the earth. It was a kind of understanding the body, mind and soul connection again. A different energy.

At that time he took a period time, doing a Villa-Asia program, to shake up his live a bit. A personal ‘pit-stop’. Taking a road for himself less travelled and moved beyond the confines of his well known comfort zone at home. Inviting him to work on personal mastery and to explore and realize his true potential.
And without even knowing or adapting on the experience, his unconscious mind immediately woke up to give him this, conscious, wake-up call. A deep inner happy feeling of aliveness, soaking up life.
Back home he discussed, changed the situation and felt much more connected / rooted and happier. Where an unsuspected pleasant experience can be able of…

Most of us live at such a frenetic pace that the quality of awareness has eroded. Internal and external influences - responsible for change of lifestyle, ‘protection’ barriers, body veils and armouring - make things even worse. Walking around as a kind of Russian Matryoshka doll. And though we seek in this covers or “garments” the freedom of privacy and safety, most of the time they work deep inside as a personal harness and a chain. Covering the possibility to listen to our deep inner personal requests. 

How to soak up life again? This brings me to Tantra. And please, reading this blog, understand Tantra beyond the stereotype “concept” that Tantra just is about sex. Buddhist tantra most of the time have nothing to do with sexual practices. They are a divine means to enlightenment through discovering the unique identity. So Tantra offers different layers/options some of them as we offer in our periodic international one week ‘clothes-on’ Tantra journey workshop in Northern Thailand.

The word Tantra comes from the ancient Sanskrit words tanoti (which means “to expand”) and travati (which means “liberation”). This implies that you can be liberated by expanding your consciousness, your quality of awareness. 

It is an adventurous journey of again discovering your senses, energy and sensations as they are meant to be. Taking steps on the path from programmed thinking to a kaleidoscope of new manifestations of intuitively feeling. An awakening of senses (and what they are able to provoke) and energy. An interweaving of the energies of many levels of consciousness from the ordinary to the most intense. A (spiritual) path for integrating body, mind and soul connection.
Exploring this can be a revelation called fully living (again). Bringing greater sense of aliveness to your existence. 

There still are ways to really ‘connect’ in a more and more disconnecting world. You only have to take a pit-stop and start with yourself. Tantra is one of the ways to encounter a free life in real connection.

Overriding the harness of the known, allowing what is possible, fearless entering a field of endless possibilities... That passes what the head can contain. The head (the mind) is mostly focused on problems and on solving them. Paddling, pondering and all sorts of intricacies.

If you have the courage to pass it and to surf on new free and light life energy ... then there will be new life in the brewery. 

In connection with everything what is possible it rains jewels.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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