Friday, August 31, 2018

The very best way to your successfully ‘aging process’ slow down.

What do you do better now, than you did when you were 25?

A question we got during our last held Expats Club meeting in relation to the topic ‘Aging’.

A couple of times already I shared my thoughts in a blog about my ideas about aging. About what marketing makes use of to encourage us to buy products to let us only believe (what a joke) we can stay forever young. And about getting younger by the day.

In relation to aging we first give attention to our physical body. A healthy diet, fitness and yoga. More and more we start to understand, many times because of influences of the East, our brain also has a lot to do with that. Meditation and all kind of brain trainings can be a helping hand in keeping the mind ‘young’.
Living in Asia for over six years now, more and more I feel connected and engaged with this body and mind approach. To be honest, I follow my own diet including a regular beer or wine to also enjoy my life during getting older (or younger by the day as I once explained). The Burgundian pleasures of life I call it. Trying to slow the aging process down, or to extend it, does not have to be a kind of torturing yourself to live a ‘happy’ longer life isn’t it?

A recent study of one of the universities in America showed actually, and it made me happy to hear that results during our August 25th expats meeting, the very best solution to slow the aging process down has to do with our thoughts. Thoughts inspired by our soul and will. An even higher or, if you wish, deeper dimension as also Shamanism shows.

So it is not this healthy diet, not that fitness or yoga, that meditation and brain training at the first place but the way we think about it and the willpower and enthusiasm we have to live happy and long.

We need to understand that the process of aging start already at birth. And this kind of process is for every person the same. Step by step we are getting older and run out of our time. Let’s face it.
Marketing tells and shows us (photo shopping helps a lot) we can stay forever young. Hello, wake up, as everybody knows it is not true. Watch yourself under the shower ;).
As a child we want to be a grownup as soon as possible. As a grownup we long to our childhood. Does it make any sense?  Are we ever satisfied?

During a group dialogue I was in during our meeting one of the group members said: “At our age we live our life backwards.” And I believe this is true. I can be grateful to be able to live my life backwards. Being much more aware, let me call it conscious, about the situation and the life I was in and am in.

Our environment helps us to believe that our aging process has everything to do with walking backwards step by step. It’s end of your time. Nothing to reach any more. It is nearly done. Not really a happy time to face… Yes, as I said, we run out of time. Totally true (for every one of us). And ask yourself what do I want make of that period? Giving attention to what, most of the time physically, you are not able to do any longer? Regrets about what you did not do? No lust any longer? Complaining, as many people do, and thinking about “the good old days? For me the days living now are really the good old days. And I am thankful for that. Hope I can go on with it for a long time. 

Thinking about the question on top of this blog actually worked out to get a great understanding of making steps forwards instead of backwards. Getting younger by the day.

To give you some examples of my answers on this question (be sure I can already write a book about it).

# I stopped to try to reach goals.
# I am finished with my ideas about what other people maybe think of and about me.
# I discovered I do not have to be anybody (ego) to still survive in the system.
# I learned to breathe and stand still. Asking myself; “Is it worth to deal with, worry about, or suffer about all I hear and see?”.
# I appreciate nature as a life-mirror much more.
# I am less dependent to my programming and what the system tries to let me believe as ‘the truth’.
# I do not need newspapers, television or radio (the present social media I did not have).
# I am much more grateful.
# I live happier and that’s success for me.

And during the short time we got for answering this question every individual got to express his or her first ideas I also mentioned. “What I absolutely still do the same is to enjoy, listen and support the playful child in myself!”

And, in my opinion, this ‘inner child’ being part of the Soul (in connection with the Self and the inner wisdom) has everything to do, no is really the main thing, to influence our thoughts. So also our thoughts about aging. Influencing in a positive way the duration of the process.

Be and stay optimistic and enthusiast (my father was totally right expressing already this ideas in relation to positive thinking), be playful and humorous (my mother was totally right as well) and stop being influenced by all the judgments of your outside world and marketing.

Be the playful person you want to be in the first place. Go for LIVING life and make the best of it without complaining. Stop, or at least diminish your judging (out of respect try to understand and learn about other persons programming and thoughts). And yes, also exercises for the physical body and mind support in a positive way. But our thought process is the main influence in slowing down our aging process.  

Over two hundred expats joined this meeting and dialogue. Really all of them agreed they live a much happier life now than at the age of 25 years young. They are also more grateful now.
And yes, this has also to do with the possibility (and the guts) this worldwide expats generation I am part of got. Possibilities lot of people in the present generations have even more I guess.

In the first place set (or change) your thoughts. Focus them, out of your soul, on enjoying the things that really matter in your life and let your thinking process supporting soul free in still living your purpose. Like every other person… you run out of time and finally have to leave everything…

Note: Picture of my 93 year young dad many years ago and just before he died, in a Dutch newspaper. Still sometimes acting as a massage therapist and yoga instructor at that time for elderly.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Problems and even suffering in relationships. The need for freedom in bond.

In one of his presentations the Australian engaged speaker without arms and legs Nick Vujicic expresses:  “And then you see all of these teenagers and college people who are single and they are like: “O, I just cannot wait to get married.” And their goal is to get married and many times after a while it worked out it was not all that they thought. They think, “oh my life’s gonna get easier when I get married.” But, Nu-uh.” If you ain’t happy single, you ain’t gonna be happy married.”

Last week I had a couple of conversations about relationships. Not finding the right match. Not really being happy in the relationship. Not knowing how to go on.
People are willing to suffer a lot instead of feeling and being happy in, with or getting a relationship.

January 27th 2017 I already wrote a blog about ‘A relationship does not makeyou happier’. Main thing in that blog was the statement of Nick Vujicic first of all to work on being and staying happy yourself. You are the one that lives 24 hours a day with yourself…

People are willing to change themselves (at least they think they can) to ‘fit’ in a relationship. The feeling of loneliness or not being lonely (instead of the feeling of being alone (all-one)) is pushing people forward to suffer in change to fit in the ‘perfect’ match. Wonderful selfies to show their outside happiness together. Often as two lonely people who temporary found a way not to feel lonely anymore.

What is, was or gets wrong?
I ask myself the question why I should change myself to fit in a relationship. In two of my conversations this week I spoke to people who ‘lost’ themselves in their change to save their relationship. If you already cannot be yourself in a love relationship (anymore)… how can you ever feel happy and free in this relationship? Starting a relationship is not a future commitment to, most of the time together, be in a kind of prisoncell.

It is just a matter two puzzle pieces do not fit in the right way. And if you are honest with yourself you know, now, it never did fit in the right way. You forced yourself into it. 

If you lost or are losing your freedom in bond you start to force yourself. Actually dripping, filling, yourself more and more with unhappiness feelings. And this proces does not only effects yourself but also your partner, family, friends and surroundings.

Freedom in bond? Yes. That’s not telling you to be single again. Stay true and honest in your relationship but be and stay yourself and do what you want to do both responsible for your relationship. So yes, that needs conversation and understanding. Freedom in bond has to do with supporting the love and happiness for and in yourself. With things you like. Out of this overflowing happiness you can share with your partner and grow in your loving relationship together.

A matter of trust and trust can only be 100 % or zero. There is nothing in between…

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

Friday, August 17, 2018

The awareness of again a new and next phase in my life.

Note: Today's blog may be a bit difficult to just read and / or understand. Still, I want to share it with you.

If you are really and deeper interested, please feel invited to read it over again. Feel free to email me and ask more about it or to learn more about it.

Thankfully and for over five years I served many guests at The Pavana Chiang Mai resort (before The Spa resort Chiang Mai) in especially the mind and spiritual part of the resort’s at that time holistic healthcare approach.

Since February this year I am not working for the resort any longer still happily living at the adjacent Spa Resort Residences. I felt a bit pity for not being ‘on duty’ after this wonderful time. Not being able, the way I did, to share the many insights I got, and even more I still will get in meditation, Kundalini awareness yoga, Buddhist philosophy, life and talent coaching and energy work. Insights that helped many former guests to discover themselves and find their own inside latent solutions to solve difficult situations and transformations in their life they were facing and to come into flow again.

And as always if one door closes, automatically another door opens. Although very happy living here, this February situation did not feel comfortable to me. Feeling my passion ongoing pushing inside myself to go on growing by sharing to give purpose to my mission. Being active and enthusiastic it felt as being in, and facing, a ‘gap’. A temporary space and time of doing nothing. Nothing to worry about. Just and only sometimes a bit rough.

As I learned, things like this always have a reason. The thing is you do not know the reason yet and for our programmed human brain it feels easier to know the outcome, the goal.
Space and time to think, to contemplate, to explore and go one step deeper into myself. What is the meaning, what do I have to learn, what is the message? Am I really not growing? Wanting to work by myself again on it, instead of trusting and waiting (I will come to that later) for what shows up.

Time to open up, actually to accept the 'doing nothing' and to trust something else and even better that's already waiting for you will arrive. Exactly at the right moment that 'other dimension' will knock at your door. You cannot force this proces. I just and only needs its own time. 
Indeed it turned out into a feeling of again the awareness of the birth of the next phase or step in my life.

Friday July 13th I got an unexpected and amazing email from a friend who did not know about my situation yet. Starting with: “Hi Frans, Trust all is well. Did your changes appear this month or still on the way?” He explained to me how he learned from a Mexican friend that existence has a knowing of its own, The more time we are in a ‘gap’ we seem to be part of its infinite intelligence. Intuition blooming as the mind drops occasionally, accepting more to come…
He attached a wonderful picture of a gap in the sky to invigorate his message and to make it visual. And writing this here and now, actually and even more makes my new insight clearer as opening and connection between the infinite, unlimited, and our limited dimensions.

It took me a while to consider and to understand. For me it has everything to do with again a personal and inner energy shift. With being even more present in the moment, not judging, shifting the focus of my attention inside my body and accepting. Being even more aware of the deeper and underlying response of my senses and to listen/see/feel subtle energy shifts.

And starting that day more things became clear to me only because my change of attention. Everything you give attention grows…

Wednesday July 25th from another friend I got an unexpected and amazing group email giving me the opportunity, only within a time-frame of that day, to watch for free a documentary in relation to shamanic healing. She as well did not know the situation I was in and did not know anything of my basic shamanic talent in my so called “Tree of life” of talents and gifts (see picture). Several parts of the documentary gave me goosebumps. More and more I got the feeling it carried a personal message for me.

The closet opened. More and more puzzle pieces fell in place. Being more and more connected with nature. Without even knowing already a couple of years ago I stopped marketing myself, my ‘business’ (actually I never saw it as any business but as my mission). Not being on any social media any longer, no I-Phone, no watch. More alone (all-one). No, not being a hermit or feeling lonely. After years of waiting finally getting my new name out of India a couple of months ago. Working with labyrinths and Tantra. With percussion instruments like singing bowls, gongs, Tingshas, Ghantas, and drums. With crystals, Dorjes and Phurbas. With rituals. No, nothing ‘floaty’. Still very connected and grounded.  
No recommendations from former students or guests on my website any more to promote my activities. I am free and can live without. The time is there for me I do not have to be anyone any longer, do not ‘need’ for guests or students at all, do not have to 'work' on sharing my insights and wisdom. The time for me is there to understand I can belong to myself. Infinity is patient... And being patient, I trust guests will find me and I have nothing to do for that. I even stopped the contract of my website for the next period starting beginning 2019. What happens, happens.

Belonging to myself helps me to listen to and learn from my soul and mission. My top three talents in relation to my mission in life, as my tree of life in 2011 during my study to become a certified talent coach showed me, are first of all Shaman, supported by Philosopher and Miracle worker.

I feel today the time is there to stop believing and sometimes even hiding that but to trust it. I found myself even more again, can do without a persona any longer to survive. Opening up to grow further on the shamanic path.

Yes, I am available and can wait for guests and students to find me...

In the meantime I will get and find ways to feed my three top-talents and open myself to be used by the infinite to serve and more and more to ‘heal’. Two very close and professional relationships, working with and through me.

Soon I will start to travel. Feeding my 'Vagabond' talent at the grow point of my tree, and see who and what crosses my paths to grow by sharing. My way is going to show me. 
Still using the practices and build up knowledge from my former stages of developing in life. Step by step flowing into re-balancing disturbed human energy fields to create more flow.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

Friday, August 10, 2018

House rules. The golden guidelines in our house.

Many people who walk through the small street at the wonderful place I live here in Thailand, stop in front of my house and take a picture of our golden guidelines of our house. I placed them outside as well as inside our house as a welcome and reminder about the way we want to connect with and respect other people. And sure it is an invitation to be treated by our guests the same way. 

Last week somebody asked me why I never published them in one of my blogs. Not a bad idea so… here they are:  

Welcome and feel invited to our home

Respect our Golden guidelines in this house:

Be yourself
(Show your own uniqueness. Everybody else is already taken.)

Loosen desires
(Be grateful for what you more than enough already have and stop clinging to attachments.)

Enjoy LIVING life
(Life is valuable. Stop running. Live mindful. Fulfill your purpose.)

Offer new chances
(Forgive. Realize everybody has his/her best interest & heart but sometimes don’t show it.)

Express your feelings
(The most wonderful way in understanding and connect deeply.)

Disconnect to connect
(Enjoy face-to-face conversation and energy flow between each other.)

Enjoy (the) Here & Now
(You only can touch life in the present moment. The only thing that has no end.)

Hug often and love more
(The only real currency in life.)

Keep the positive energy in
(Stay healthy, happy & really and truly to life. Keep calm. Relax. Absorb. Recharge.)

The clock won’t find you here!

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Recognize your life force energy! The inner limitless supply to live your mission.

You do not have to make life force energy (Prana). You have it already. Just free it and let it flow.

Ever person’s life started out of life force energy. Sexual energy and life force energy are exactly the same.
And after that basic moment of creation it went on. Ever thought about the idea that you still carry a mark on your body of it? It is called your belly button or navel. The place where your life force entered your body before your mom gave birth. And this life force energy is still there.

Why did you get life force energy? Very easy the answer is to live life. Contemplating deeper on this question you will discover it has everything to do with getting the energy for your soul to grow and to share. The body is the temporary temple of the everlasting and timeless soul. And during your life the soul wants to make progress. Wants to grow and is trying to fulfill its mission, your mission, your calling.

We all know there are very energetic persons who seems to have an overactive and limitless supply of energy which we are just not capable of having ourselves. People who live in flow.
Most people are totally unconscious of their available huge energy source called life force energy (Called Prana in Hinduism and Buddhism, Ki in Japan, Chi or Qi in Chinese and, maybe most understandable 'Balance of Nature' by the Aboriginals). Invisible life force energy is a cosmic energy, a vital force, that gives us life. Have the confidence that there is an intelligence leading it through your body in everything that you go through negative and positive. 

It is really a wonder that your creation gave you not only your unique set of talents and gifts to fulfill your mission but also the necessary amount of energy to succeed in it.
Most people do not feel this energy at all. They know the feeling of being energy drained, not knowing how to free their life force energy, to let it flow and to use it. The problem is that your programming and sad life experiences (trauma’s if you want to call them) disturb the energy freeing and flowing process.

Your programming, often out of the best intentions by your parents, culture, environment, religion, masters in life, actually offered you a tool set to behave in the system you are born. And in combination with expectations, marketing, desires, you name them all, is not always supporting you in the best possible way to live your mission. 

Trauma’s that helped (or forced) you to find creative ways to survive and to stay safe. To, if possible, not to be hurt again. Creating a protection mechanism of covering veils and with all that blocking more and more your free inner life force energy flow.

We can teach ourselves the process of freeing, flowering and flowing of this energy to use it in the way it is mend to be and to feel energetic. It is a matter of agitating the latent energy, help it to flow through the body’s energy channels and to capture or contain it inside it.
Working on and with it, many times you discover blockages needed to be cleared or even trauma’s to be healed to free the way to let the energy flow. A wonderful cleansing process of freeing yourself and gaining wisdom (Djana) to do it and continue doing it.

Meditation, (Pranayama) breathing techniques, the sacred acts of love making, embracing life and being consistent in it, (Kundalini) yoga, a healthy diet, living your calling (that’s more than your dream), liberating yourself from energy draining relationships, and even laughing are means to support the freeing and flowing of your life force energy.

All supporting and creating a healthy mind and a healthy and playful soul in a healthy body to fulfill your unique mission in life.  

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.