Friday, December 30, 2016

Aging. Do not fight the process of getting older. Accept the wonderful flow to get new. A New Year's thought.

Many people, and especially women, are suffering about aging. The older they get the more they fight it. A battle, for some even a war you can never win. Cosmetic industry and hospitals (plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine/botox) are fond off it because they earn tremendous amounts of money on this battles. Ever thought about the idea botox is bringing toxic (botulinetoxine) into your body to disconnect the connection between nerves and muscles?
Marketing helps us to go on believing the lie we can stay forever young. So it’s a hard job, every day again, and it takes you lots of money to help you to only think you stay forever young. Actually you change yourself more and more to show they outside world you are not young anymore. Taking a shower and looking at yourself in the mirror actually tells you the same or you turn yourself a blind eye and just try to believe something else…

A guest who was working with me was suffering about aging as well. It turned out to be a deeper and deeper conversation, contemplation and discovery. Happy to share the insights in this week blog, just at the end – the aging – of this year.

If you talk about your ‘Self’ at least you will find there are two things in relation to this ‘Self’ (I wrote a blog about it a couple of months ago already). The physical body and your mind in connection.
It’s believed the seat of our mind is our brain. The brain is ‘just’ an organ and part of the physical body as well.

Do not believe marketing you can stay forever young. When you stop and take only a little bit time to contemplate on this wide spread stories and (photo shopped) publications you know these are all lies. When people smile the paint (cosmetics) on their faces can crack, I sometimes think. Coming closer you see they are not showing what they really are. They show you a look alike or sometimes not even that any more. But yes an (un)natural smile. Sometimes I ask myself If they are ashamed for their own bodies? Don’t get me wrong. I really like it when ladies give attention to themselves showing who they really are and sometimes a little bit of cosmetics can make them, whatever age they have, even more bright shining the way they are.

So, you are getting older and cannot stop it. It’s a fact. You are, like me, only temporary and you can be happy (if you want) to reach an old age. If you are open and willing for that…accept the natural change. Many faces I see from people living here in the countryside show exited life stories you know?  

If you are willing to contemplate on the process of aging, you will be in for a great surprise. You are getting more and more new by the day!

The physical body is aging, including your brain. Just a natural process. Your mind, your spirit, can be more and more new by the day! This is called spiritual growth (do not think about religion). Building up more and more wisdom. And… most of us are not aware of this process.

Marketing and our outside world helps us to believe we have to work on our physical body. To buy all kind of things to change ourselves step by step and more and more into a person covered by veils. To go to the gym to give some times a week our body a fitness shot. Knowing you cannot (and for most of us will not) go on with this forever (and no, I have nothing against gyms). Our physical body is the thing we give attention and everything you give attention grows. We discover more and more and see things in the world around us that server our idea (and are willing to help us if we pay for it) to stay forever young.

You want to get more and more new by the day? Change your lifestyle!
Accept the flow of getting older. Nature is a wonderful mirror. Stop spending money on your war against aging. Start to LIVE in a different way. Give attention to the flow of getting more and more new by the day.

It’s just a matter of awareness and making use of nature as a mirror to learn. Being aware of what you eat and if you eat, being aware of eating (so no multitasking and no i-phone on the table). Taking more time to rest so to listen to your body (and switch off your i-phone on the nightstand sending and receiving radiation disturbing your sleep). Spend more time in nature. Just to breath and not necessary to run but just move. Walk more or use a/your bike. Disconnect to connect and re-claim conversation (face-to-face communication). Listen and follow your child in yourself. Stop judging but use the signal inviting you to judge to be curious and learn from different insights of another part of the truth. Contemplate more on the purpose of your life. Just some things out of a much wider span of things that does not cost you any money and make you live healthier (a matter of not only feel healthier).

Doing this you automatically build up more wisdom (that’s different than building up knowledge). You will get more and more new by the day and… as a result – believe it or not (yet) – you start to look younger. Your physical body will reward you for this approach by shining more in a natural way.

It’s just a different free and natural approach and you can go on with it till final rest.

Have a happy and more and more new New Year 2017 / 2560 (2560 is Thailand next year, Buddhist counting).

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

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