Friday, April 11, 2014

What actually is Mastery, what to do with it?

I deliberately don't want to give it a true definition because I do not want to give it a label and put the word in a kind of ‘prison’. I see it as a loose and involved form of competence and wisdom out of growth, development and maturation. Mastery goes beyond 'expertise', 'life experience' and competence. It is an attitude of personal freedom one of 'you are who you are' in an environment that allows you to be exactly that way and should be. It would be regrettable for yourself and those around you if you don't show everything that you have.

Mastery has an interesting natural control of yourself or on what you do. A personal leadership in which you feel free and not being chased. When you know what you can and should contribute and what is expected from you in a situation just by sense.

You share your complete, unique and specific set of skills and talents, whether or not with others, to move forward in your life. Which will cost you in that way hardly any effort. You have your abilities in your backpack for a reason and you know how to keep your balance. You frequently take a short break to enjoy (celebrate) the results, to learn from the experience and to recharge for your next small step.

Those masterful qualities that you don' t have you know fast enough how to find them by addressing others through your energy, enthusiasm and inspiration, This is regarded as an inviting and stimulating way of sincere cooperation with respect and appreciation for their specific qualities. Deliberately not trying to get those qualities for yourself. That, after all weakens you, can put relationships under stress, and it takes too much time that you can use in a better way to improve a more beautiful world for yourself and those around you. 

Why would you go looking for the mastery in yourself and / or your organization? 

There are much more valuable beautiful things in people and organizations to achieve than is usually done (and which is paid for). People, and thus organizations  have a lot more to offer to move more freely and easier forward on the road of life, known as 'profit' or getting targets. And that's not often by convulsively management or 'steering'  according to all sorts of procedures and / or fixed patterns. Wanting to keep a grip is a commendable (and sometimes measurable) aim but it also brings inflexibility and cramps along with it.

In the rush in which we live and work, we barely get to look at and listen to ourselves. Letting in inspiration, sometimes from less well-known sources, and looking from different angles at ourselves and the challenges around us. Choosing for Mastery is choosing for connection, commitment, passion, talent, creativity and above all, free (inner) space. More fun in which the person is the main objective. A higher quality of life, in my opinion,  as it is intended to be (and also a higher quality of the product/gift you share).

Quest for Personal Mastery? An adventure to understand and getting new insights on (life) questions. An expedition to find unexpected creative solutions and or answers who will let you 'breathe' again and help you to find your way. You only have to engage in the discovery ... 

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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