Friday, April 17, 2015

We are bursting with energy but block it ourselves

A wonderful experience I got this week. Happy to share. Just give it a try and encounter.

Sometimes you feel very sad. No lust at all, feeling down or tired, maybe even a little bit depressed.
To be honest, you are not at all ‘shining’. Strange because yesterday, last week, last month or (even worse) last year you felt totally well energetic and sparkling. What went wrong?

Everything that happens outside in the physical world requires energy. To move or respond with our body we need our muscles. And our muscles need fuel, food, to move. For things happening in the inside world, we also need energy but it’s from a different kind and ... endless.

Every day we have to deal with lots of inner energy draining. To give you some examples; generating and controlling (because of told social behaviour) emotions, creating thoughts, every thought that passes through our mind, our suffering, disciplining powerful inner drives, all require a tremendous expenditure of energy.
Did you ever ask yourself where this energy comes from? Why this energy is available at one moment and is nowhere to find another time. To take something to eat, although we think, most of the time does not help. And when you are really honest to yourself you already know that taking a cup of coffee, a cigarette or a glass of beer or wine do not support you with what you actual need... Long lasting inner energy. You take this because you made it a routine but actually it’s all fake.

When you turn things around and you investigate a situation of great enthusiasm, motivation or maybe even just in love, what you discover is a bursting amount of energy and… you do not even want to eat.

Exploring this can make you aware that there is a form of ‘free’ available inner energy. Some force to support us and has nothing to do with calories or Joules. An energy that is available in a split second. The feeling of being or falling in love, when love rushes up into your heart, can be a mirror to understand and touch this energy. When you are in a sad mood already for a while and, surprisingly, the doorbell rings and your new lover is standing in front of you with a big smile and a bunch of flowers when you open the door. The sad feeling immediately is gone. You are not tired anymore, you are on the other hand creative, full of energy, motivated, your body language totally changed and you do not even feel the need to go for a sleep till the next morning when you, second surprise, together experience the sunrise.
How do you do? Do you open an energy tap somewhere? And if so, where did you find this tap and is it actually possible to manage this tap so the energy is always there for you? Because… this feels good!

Last week I learned there is a kind of ‘tap’ and you are the only one who can operate but... we are not aware of this possibility. There is a never ending inner energy source that does not need energy/food for itself. How to handle? Maybe it sounds strange and very simple but the way to make this energy available for you in a sustainable and lasting way is to NOT close the tap. So do not block it.

Frans, are you still connected with the earth? Do you believe this?

Yep! For me it is even more than an inner believe. It is a way of training, learning by doing but it’s getting better and better. This eastern World I am part of is full of this kind of, in my opinion, wonderful dis-coveries. And when I talk about discoveries the meaning is that it was already there for me/for us the only thing you have to do is to take off the cover.

In ancient Chinese medicine it is called Chi, the yoga practitioners here at our energetic Thai wellness centre call it Shakti, in the Western world we call it Spirit. Call it anything you want. This unlimited high energy inside of you has to do with our Chakras. The main energy centre of all is the hearth chakra. You can open or close your heart. Closing most of the time is our habit. Keeping it closed can make us sick. And just like any other habit, it can be broken.

To train your heart to be open is opening the tap or the door to enrich yourself with endless free and supporting energy. At the same time you make the connection with the world around. This is what changes your body language. You are much more available, much more aware, energetic and enjoy life. You are in flow.
All your personal history, memories, emotions/sensations out of the past, your suffering are sources to close the tap/the door. You are supporting nobody with this, not even yourself. What you actually do is responding to feelings of inner fear. So ask yourself who is ruling your life? Are you the master of your life or your fear or the things you are suffering about? Be the observer, open your heart.
Think about the idea that only a certain smell bringing up a great remembering, at once, can be the trigger to open the door and ignites this inner power immediately. So you are really able to operate, to manage this energy. How to do? Just easy, do not block it. So open the door and do not close it again.

As the Buddha said... Do not believe! Find out and surprise yourself.

Your environment will recognize this shining energy of you and already only your own higher energetic feeling can make a big positive change in how you experience your day.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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