Friday, September 25, 2015

About the general excuses NOT to live your dreams

Last week, I do not know if it was by coincidence, in an unexpected way with a couple of individual guests conversations plopped up about the excuses for not to follow your dreams. People from Ireland, The Netherlands, Brazil and France.

First of all we discovered that living your dream actually has a lot or maybe everything to do with giving room to your mission in life and making full use of your personal mastery. Actually you give maximum space to your unique contribution to the world around. Sharing your whole and exclusive set of talents and gifts with people who are waiting for them. You contribute yourself with positive inner energy and, without even knowing yourself, you show and share this energy or frequency with your environment.

In life it takes some time to reach a state that you ask yourself the questions: ‘What is my life all about?’, ‘Isn’t there anything more for me in life?’, ‘Is this it?”, “What to do with the rest of my life?’, etc..

The world around us tells that we have to work longer and many people, who do not really like what they are doing any more, think they get the possibility to live the way they want again when they reach retirement. And yes, that is a possible option but be aware you are also older and it is a decision to ‘start living again’ in the autumn or maybe even winter of your physical life…

Easy talk…, hard to do… or…???

The system we are in, our background, voices in our head, the advices and judgments (out of their best intentions) from family members and friends, fear, guilt, shame, etc.. All negative things who support us going on doing things we do not like doing any more in order to go on with a life in fact we do not want any longer. A life that is not serving us in the best way to grow and flourish again.  
And going on in this way we do not share the very best of ourselves with our environment. Maybe you can see this as even more a shame.

We keep ourselves trapped in our, by our thoughts, inner believe, ideologies and judgements created  own build-up prison. We created a personal reality that blocks us from the understanding we are always free to make a choice and be aware of possibilities. Inner and outer judgments limit the ability to reach something new.

When you want to jump into your dream and hear yourself talking about the ‘be-causes’ why you think you cannot do it, you exactly know the causes of blockages. The ‘be-causes’ give you a justification to go on thinking as you always thought and keeps you trapped in a vicious circle.
Be creative, think out of joy, think out of the box, change your matter. Ask yourself if it is really true what you think. Ask yourself in a different way what it would take for you to be able to afford the way of living your dream. Think about the new possibilities it will give you - and your surroundings - in life. Clear your judgments and try not to be involved in listening to what other people and your environment try to ‘sell’ you. Judge your dream into your life instead of judging your general excuses out of your life. Be aware at the end you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did. 

Every day you wait with making the decision to start living your dream you have a day less to enjoy the life you actually really want (and you help yourself step by step to get sick). Be sure that living your dream will offer you a longer life expectancy than going on doing things you do not like doing any longer. 

Liberate yourself from your cross of general excuses. It's not a running away from, but rather an admission of your personal responsibility. 

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

Friday, September 4, 2015

Worrying… Useless. Free your puppy...

Did you ever give attention to this word itself? For me this happened last Tuesday during the morning meditation on the beautiful hill where I live in Thailand. A kind of call to pay attention to it.

At home I started thinking about, well actually I was sitting behind my laptop and my fingers wandered away. Read the results below.

The word itself already gives understanding when you look deeply. Worrying is a verb. You always take the action to worry. The worries were not there before. You create them yourself in your head. And when you stand still and if you look back from the place in your life where you are now, you will experience that all the worries you ever had did not really offered something for you. They only took and consumed energy. Bringing you nothing and nowhere. They kept you in a kind of personal created prison.

Worrying is giving way to anxiety or unease. To allow your mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.
There are different meanings of the word ‘worry’. For example; torture, harass, bother, obsess, tease, etc..
Worrying is working. You do the work to get care for upsetting yourself. In a strange way you inspire yourself in fear and anxiety. Torturing yourself.
And you go beyond worries on your head only. You're going to be concerned and thereby take the worries created by yourself on your shoulders and puts them in your head. You walk around with them, you walk away with them, robbing yourself of energy, get yourself out of creativity, balance and resilience and 'infect' with your fear and anxiety also your surroundings. You do not only torture yourself but also bother quite a few people around you.

At the Buddhist University again I got a great guide and in-sight during a lesson. The monk said to us: 

"You are always worrying. You forget to surrender to the adventurous child in you, part of your soul, your inner playful puppy. This one does not worry about the past or about the future. This child discovers the now in the now.
You get so excited about everything. Trying to arrange everything the best for you. Realize that you just temporary take a tiny little space on this planet among millions of other planets. Why are you so busy worrying or anxious? It's useless. Be more a puppy and accept what life brings. Apparently you already know you understand the art to fix things in your life, otherwise you would not be here. You worries did not really support you with that. Fear and anxiety are usually bad counselors. Leave your worries behind. Even better, stop making them.” 

First of all, by getting the insight that worries do not solve any problem. They are only devouring energy. You can use your energy better. Then to allow the art of standing still and connect with inner silence more. Be sure all the necessary answers you need are already in yourself. You only have to listen and open up to connect with your source. You do not even have to ask. The answers will come at their own right time. Be aware that your life can not go wrong. Think less far ahead. You can be sure that you reach a destination tomorrow again. The future always is different than you can imagine now. It is a waste of effort and time to even think worrying will help you to create the future you want. Free your inner puppy. Use the example of a puppy. Explore, enjoy now, play and do what you are supposed to do here, called living and sharing your unique gifts with the world around. Give less attention to what (only you) think the world around you thinks of you. Live life – it’s coming to you and inviting you every day again - and perform in your natural way as it unfolds to you. Be sure you will succeed. No worries needed about that.

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”