Friday, August 3, 2018

Recognize your life force energy! The inner limitless supply to live your mission.

You do not have to make life force energy (Prana). You have it already. Just free it and let it flow.

Ever person’s life started out of life force energy. Sexual energy and life force energy are exactly the same.
And after that basic moment of creation it went on. Ever thought about the idea that you still carry a mark on your body of it? It is called your belly button or navel. The place where your life force entered your body before your mom gave birth. And this life force energy is still there.

Why did you get life force energy? Very easy the answer is to live life. Contemplating deeper on this question you will discover it has everything to do with getting the energy for your soul to grow and to share. The body is the temporary temple of the everlasting and timeless soul. And during your life the soul wants to make progress. Wants to grow and is trying to fulfill its mission, your mission, your calling.

We all know there are very energetic persons who seems to have an overactive and limitless supply of energy which we are just not capable of having ourselves. People who live in flow.
Most people are totally unconscious of their available huge energy source called life force energy (Called Prana in Hinduism and Buddhism, Ki in Japan, Chi or Qi in Chinese and, maybe most understandable 'Balance of Nature' by the Aboriginals). Invisible life force energy is a cosmic energy, a vital force, that gives us life. Have the confidence that there is an intelligence leading it through your body in everything that you go through negative and positive. 

It is really a wonder that your creation gave you not only your unique set of talents and gifts to fulfill your mission but also the necessary amount of energy to succeed in it.
Most people do not feel this energy at all. They know the feeling of being energy drained, not knowing how to free their life force energy, to let it flow and to use it. The problem is that your programming and sad life experiences (trauma’s if you want to call them) disturb the energy freeing and flowing process.

Your programming, often out of the best intentions by your parents, culture, environment, religion, masters in life, actually offered you a tool set to behave in the system you are born. And in combination with expectations, marketing, desires, you name them all, is not always supporting you in the best possible way to live your mission. 

Trauma’s that helped (or forced) you to find creative ways to survive and to stay safe. To, if possible, not to be hurt again. Creating a protection mechanism of covering veils and with all that blocking more and more your free inner life force energy flow.

We can teach ourselves the process of freeing, flowering and flowing of this energy to use it in the way it is mend to be and to feel energetic. It is a matter of agitating the latent energy, help it to flow through the body’s energy channels and to capture or contain it inside it.
Working on and with it, many times you discover blockages needed to be cleared or even trauma’s to be healed to free the way to let the energy flow. A wonderful cleansing process of freeing yourself and gaining wisdom (Djana) to do it and continue doing it.

Meditation, (Pranayama) breathing techniques, the sacred acts of love making, embracing life and being consistent in it, (Kundalini) yoga, a healthy diet, living your calling (that’s more than your dream), liberating yourself from energy draining relationships, and even laughing are means to support the freeing and flowing of your life force energy.

All supporting and creating a healthy mind and a healthy and playful soul in a healthy body to fulfill your unique mission in life.  

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

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