Friday, February 10, 2017

Use your own ‘magic’ personal healing power. Highly recommended.

Yesterday finally, 7 weeks after my accident with my red Yamaha Tricity, I discovered my scooter finally is fixed. It costs me about halve a brand new bike on spare parts and wages. And actually I am happy to pay that because I am still alive. There was a lot of damage, material (my scooter), physical (my body), and also a bit mental (not the ego but for a couple of weeks fright and still driving more careful).

Strange enough it took my body (only) 6 weeks to totally recover. At the emergency room at Lanna Hospital in Chiang Mai the doctor already told me I must have a lot of good Karma because I had lots of wounds and injuries on the total left side of my body, but nothing broken and he was in doubt to use stiches or not. He thought the body was able to heal by itself providing that I took good care of the wounds and healing process. We decided to do it without stiches. I got 5 different medicines (to be honest I only used two for three days).

One of my neighbours helped me with a kind of ultrasound curing for my left arm and shoulder and some ‘personal health responsibility anti-bacterial treatment’. I myself started with personal (Shamanic) healing in relation to positive and stimulating healing energy support by thoughts and intentions. Possibly some people who read this will think this is really a woolly story and I am not at all connected with the earth again. Just think and judge what you want to think or judge but still… My ‘personal repair’ only took 6 weeks without any other treatment.

We think all this wonders and magic stories you can find in books as the bible, vague self-help books, etc.. And yes, most people believe in the past and possibly now as well there are some people who had or have special healing power. My dad for instance is an example. And actually he showed me, it’s only a question of believe because we all have this ‘magic’ energy and healing power. The only thing is, we are not aware, we are not used to use it and think we are not trained and immediately label this things as ‘woolly’. So let’s visit a specialist, a doctor, a therapist to work on it and do not trust yourself.

This time, listening to the voice of my father and having more and more experience working with energy and sound flow and curing, I gave it a try. I invited my body to heal by itself. To show me his inner restorative power.

I started to support my healing process with positive and encouraging attention, thoughts and energy work (Buddhism uses for some of this techniques the word Metta). And with this inner energy you are able to connect with any cell, organ or tissue of your body. Supporting the healing process. Just a matter of making use of the inner available energy in every person to be able to heal not only other beings but yourself as well.

A wonder? Maybe not any longer if you believe it is available in you, for you and to serve the world around. Highly recommended and…it doesn’t hurt to try.

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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