Friday, February 24, 2017

Find and free your sexual energy and live a free/freer and more connected LIFE.

Today, at the place I live in Thailand, a nine-day Tantra retreat / workshop finishes. 53 Guests participated. What apparently first appeared to be a yoga retreat developed more and more (and eventually) in a Tantra program and experience. And an experience it was.

The guests worked - in the full and exciting program - in the morning, afternoon and evening. Lack of energy and commitment of the participants did not appear. It was a huge liberation in connectedness.

How does it work and why most people do not experience this?
To start with the latter. Your inner database or your programming, most of the times formed - out of the best intentions of others - by your upbringing, culture, religion, expectations of others and not to forget personal life experiences (often damages) push you away from deep inner connection, intimacy and warm engaged relationships.

Every single person is desiring and has a hunger for deeper intimacy in life and in all kind of warm friendships and relationships. And we have been taught to be ashamed of the most natural thing to us in relation to deep connecting. Shame is the number one thing keeping us from our evolution to growing into our deepest and best self.
We have shame around our bodies. We have shame around our emotions and being vulnerable. And all the shame is keeping us like living these small lives and black and white. Tantra can teach us to step out of this boxes and to live in technicolor.

And please stop your immediate labelling. Tantra is not just about having (greater) sex. There is a lot of misunderstanding. What tantra really is about is so much deeper and so much bigger than only sex and effects all the areas of our life whether you know it or not.

It helps you to connect on a mind, body and spirit level. All kind of classes or courses teach you to change your mind, to change your thoughts, to change your believes, but they leave your body - and especially our senses - as part of the holistic approach in relation to connecting behind. Tantra brings your body back into the picture and makes your presence stronger. It’s all about awakening through your senses. Discovering the jewels of aliveness (as I call in in our Tantra workshops).

We have this deeper cravings locked into our bodies. Most of us have been taught to disconnect from our bodies to have shame around all these natural things in us in a way that is crippling our lives. Crippling your relationships whether that’s romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships and most of all your relationship to yourself. Do you feel worthy of being loved and creating sacred sexuality and warm engaged relationships?

Tantra ignites and offers the ability to the soul to experience the human body through touch, taste and smell and all of your senses. To be aware of and connected with the energy this sensations bring you. One person alone but especially two people can share together. And Tantra will give you that feeling and deep connection back in reclaiming in how sacred these relationships are. Tantra also teaches you, by releasing your intimacy blocks and shame, how to be present in a more engaged and connected way. When you are always stuck in your head and not in your body you cannot totally be present in connections with others.

If you free your sexual energy in yourselves, you are more energetic, much, much more alert, connected and attractive. Indeed, it is something very natural. By too much rational thinking about it, we limit the positive energy supply to ourselves and our environment. Sexual energy you can experience physically, mentally, emotionally as well as on a spiritual level and of course, from that experience, you can express. Sexual energy offers a base for more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life.

And the intense enjoyment of these energy you can simply learn at all ages (because you never learned it and it’s not age-dependent).

So how does it work?
Tantra, intimacy and sacred sexuality might be a little bit out of your comfort zone. Possibly it sounds strange at first sight, but the main thing you are doing is discovering yourself. Not an egoistic thing. All kind of creative approaches are offered to support your sense and energy journey. And (at least in our programs) you wear loose cotton clothes (during some classes in the program ‘white robe’).
Like in many of our other programs mindfulness (the energy to be for 100% connected with what you are doing) is an important part. To awaken the senses and creating sensual and sexual energy flow we work with meditation, visualization, imagination, music (songs and mantras), sound (vibration and harmonics by Tibetan singing bowls, Ghantas, Tingshas and gongs), dance, touch, breathing techniques, body work (Kundalini yoga), massage, etc .. All with the intention to first find and grant yourself. Discovering and experiencing what you need from yourself (and/or additional from your relations) and can give as well to allow that inner energy flow. Emotions / blockages are visible and you learn yourself to drop veils of shame and intimacy blocks (till a level that still feels comfortable to you) and accept the energy flow for deep engaged connecting.

Do you know yourself? My / our experience is that people generally do not even know their outside. Only that part of yourself you can see in a mirror. Not even talking about all the uniqueness that is stored and available on the inside. Not even talking for instance about the intense awareness of being touched.

And it is precisely in all hose discoveries to get the higher energy flow and experience. More freedom and a totally different inspiring and engaged connection with yourself and the world around. That’s the biggest gift you will learn yourself.

Great, and not even only in and for the participants themselves, to feel and see a wonderful total energy shift in, and connection between, people in such a week, making you aware of LIVING in connection.

Worth (and looking forward) organizing.

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

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