Friday, March 3, 2017

If you know your life-purpose you do not need goals any longer

"Where would you like to be in five years’ time? What position in society you want to have? What will you have achieved? What are your targets and goals? Focus on it! You can achieve it! Believe in yourself!"
This idiocy I have lived for many, many years. I learned it not only in one management training but in lots of courses and trainings in relation to my previous job as a CEO.

Set your goals, focus on your goals and believe in yourself. Yes you can! You can get there. Nothing is impossible. I was running more and more. Focused on the future and had the inner believe this was just my ‘normal’ life. And reaching a goal I did not even celebrate because I was already in the next mood of “Where do I want to be within five years?”. Only running. And now I am so glad I can (still) share this story.

Last week I was working with a couple from Australia. Both very hard-working people in their own super successful business and still ... not connected enough to their real passion and life-purpose/mission. They reached a transition point in their life. How to proceed? Time is running out. What are we going to do  with the next part or second half of our lives (if at least there is a second part)? 7 Days a week of hard work. A large staff of employees in the preparations and execution of their business. Always accessible and available (for the first time ever taken time off now in a timespan of ten years). No more time for themselves and often too tired to continue to invest in each other. And happy to learn still there was a lot to explore and to grow in their relationship and they were excited to do. Great to work together with them for a while.

Today, an entire questionnaire about my personal change in life I made. Someone in the Netherlands is investigating about people who made a huge shift in life and wants to write a book about it. Probably I have an interesting story, we will see. And again it came to the meaning of life, or rather not to live life the fullest, and how to find and follow your mission.

During their program the Australian man discovered something fantastic. His wife totally understood afterwards as well. And this kind of personal discoveries are why I call my work with our guests literally "Street University" (learning by doing). Both the man and the woman, supported by the program, touched their life mission and passion.
The discovery of the man actually was that if you dare to live your mission you do not need goals in your life any longer. Every day in freedom and in energy you reach a destination. You build the bridge or life path walking it. You trust life to appear by living it.

Do not worry. Can worrying add a single moment to your life-span? Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.

If you live your mission you allow the mastery of your uniqueness to appear. Your life is coming in flow. You surrender to what’s waiting for you in life. You achieve so much more and enjoy the journey of life so much more. No goals needed anymore you get (instead of reach) so much more.

And that message I got last Sunday as well again and I could also share it in the author’s interview as my own experience.

I feel more than rich, wealthy, to live this way. And about all that matters in five years? Certainly I should have known that it was madness to live that question. My background and experience in crisis and disaster management showed me very often a lot of human and animal suffering. No tomorrow anymore. Too bad.

If the sun did not rise for me tomorrow I can say that I have lived my mission. What a lucky man I am it (just) was not too late for me to realize that. And what the world thinks and talks about me and my present lifestyle is up to that world. I LIVE life and I wish this experience of life flow to everyone.

Let go of your clinging to all your safe and secure assurances in your life(you are not even capable to hold on them forever). They are only in your mind. Trust yourself and every day take the first step again. Keep it fresh. Life will become a great adventurous journey. 

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

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