Friday, March 10, 2017

Service clubs. 100% intention to serve? Or to be proud of yourself about what you achieved?

“A Service Club (or service organization) is a voluntary non-profit organization where members meet regularly to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations. A service club is defined firstly by its service mission and secondly its membership benefits, such as social occasions, networking, and personal growth opportunities that encourage involvement. Service clubs perform many essential services for their community and other worthy causes.”
(Source Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

Many years I have been a member of several Service Clubs. As a professional young fire officer I was a member of Junior Chamber International. Becoming a fire-chief and moving to another part of my country I was asked to become a member of Round Table International. Reaching the age of forty I became a member of the 40+ club of Round Table international and Kiwanis International.

I keep lots of good remembrances and friendships as well.

There is still a lot charity in this world to do. What I liked most in the clubs I was able to join was the hands-on activities and the friendship. Talking and discussing about other things than work and cooperation to achieve something together for the benefit of others.

Living here in Thailand now I am no member anymore of this kind of clubs. Several times I still see or hear discussions from clubs spread all over the world and I think the intention is going more and more in the wrong direction.

The intention is and has to be SERVICE to the community. Not only as club but also as individual members. I feel sad to hear several times that a company pays for the membership. Just to get business benefits because of the network and friendships their employee gets.
For me it’s a pollution of the real intention of this kind of clubs and its members. When a member really wants to work on personal development and personal growth… it’s all about a personal thing and not a business related thing. So you pay yourself to keep your intentions clear and clean.

And although a service club is not necessarily exclusive of ideological motives, lots of them identify themselves through their club. And here is the other thing that sometimes makes me feel a bit sad. In my opinion, people who are member of this clubs have or had a certain social status or position and could easily afford being a member (themselves).
But what about the intention? Is the intention there 100% to serve community, friendship and personal development? As I look around on the internet (and in the area I live) the intention is more and more to identify their organization. To show how good they are in charity to society. To get or keep a status.

Showing the world how proud they are to be a member (and yes, I was as well) and what a wonderful things they are and were able to do to ‘serve’. Do not forget ‘WE’ did it…

When you are really up to serve out of your abundance, creativity, network and hands-on mentality that’s more than great and at lots of places and for lots of individuals or groups in society its more than needed. But does that most of the time for you ‘easy job’ need a ‘lifetime label’ you were so good together? To give attention to your visibility?

Sad to see for instance old men, sweating on their old tricycle bicycles, transporting ‘wealthy’ guests through our city with an immense sign of a service club on their back showing they are the sponsor of this sweating… And yes, the man earns some money with it I know. And still…

A basic thing in live, and you do not have to be a Service Club member for that, is to grow by sharing. Isn’t it your (and everybody’s) normal duty to share? It has everything to do with living and fulfilling your mission. You do not have to put a ‘sign’ or ‘label’ on it afterwards because it has everything to do with your calling. And yes again, I catch myself as well sometimes to share ‘my good deeds’ with the world. Being aware of it is again a step closer to just do what you have to do. If other people appreciate it, just accept a be willing to receive their ‘thank you’. That’s more than enough. No statue needed. 

Service clubs, connect with your basic intention. That’s 100% to serve. Not to promote yourself telling the world around how proud you are about your own serving. Isn’t it just your (charitable) work to do? No statue needed.

Frans Captijn

Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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