Friday, February 3, 2017

Study more easily and achieve better results by using a part of your ‘boring time’ in a different way.

Three weeks ago a Chinese mother and her daughter visited me. The daughter, a student, acted as her mothers translator. She addressed her mother could not find any peace in her mind and actually it was the same for her as well. They had heard about my Mind Manage Training courses I organize here at the resort and wanted to hear and learn more from it. 

The daughter, who really was super interested and engaged with the theme, mainly wanted to know if there was a way to study more easily and also to achieve better results. She immediately added that she had only limited or actually no extra time because she was too busy with everything going on in her life, with her studies and with the things going on around her.

And again, I cannot help it, coincidence. A former fire chief in my region, who now works in the Dutch Rotterdam-Rijnmond area, sends me the same week an article published in the Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ (AD) about the Rotterdam Buddha Festival with the headline: "Mobiles off Buddha on". With a big smile he asked me: "Did you start opening new branches / franchises in the Netherlands?"

Two simple answers with some explanation to help you to understand easier or better.

# Yes it is possible (even scientifically proven) to study more easily and thereby to achieve better results.
# No, I am not creating new branches / franchises in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world and will never that.

To start with the last answer. I noticed that the area, the habitat, where you live and work is essential. It offers you the underlying energy (flow/engagement) to share the things you have to bring. I discovered Thailand is my home. This all does not mean that I may not tarry with my activities at other places in the world. Basic requirement for this is that I feel good in that place. To feel enough flow (be and stay in my strength) and participants literally engage with the activities we do at that energetic place. So as the article in the newspaper AD indicates to take some time to take a rest for themselves and disconnect to connect.
And now, my main theme in my program is not, seen by many as woolly - to discover the Buddha. I am from origin still a constructional engineer and a fire chief. So skip that ‘fluffy’ part and do not immediately talk and think in stereotypes.

And about the first question if there is a way to make studying easier and achieve much better results the explanation actually is quite simple. You need to unlearn some things, in a playful way and without even knowing, you learned in your past. You should be more aware and get insight in your behaviour. You have to learn and train right concentration and right effort and build up a new routine being and continuing the master of your mind instead of the slave.

Hardly have time for that? Even for this the answer is simple and the explanation in my opinion easy to understand.
Do not make me laugh. You only give attention to your own created General Excuse.
For the majority life has many, many, many "boring time" and "time to wait". And what do we do if we are or get bored? We start hanging watching television, we play a game on our computer or mobile device, or for hours we chat. Apparently we have more than enough time for that. And people tell themselves they do not have time (or do not want to spend time?) to really invest in themselves?

It's just learning and creating a new life routine. To use 15 minutes, preferably early in the morning, a day to pay attention and to take care of your inner personal computer. Your mind. To calm it and to keep calm and fit. To skip only 15 minutes of your ‘boring time' and turn it into Mind Manage Training practice. Working on a drill with the things I mentioned.
Very quickly you will feel and face the effects. More peace in your mind, better concentration, more connection, better and brighter choices, better sleep, time left, and a desire to use more of your 'boring time' for that where it really all about for you. Why? Because with this practice you open up your mind treasures step by step. You find immeasurable treasures, boundless thinking and peace of mind.  

An investment in your future and better results - guaranteed – not only in relation to your studies.

It has only to do with the firm will to take the first step and the power to continue to practice. Progress will come…

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or an organization.”

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