Friday, December 15, 2017

Pure nature, pure connection. No pedaling a stationary bike that goes nowhere. Thanks to Kadhow

Last Saturday I worked with a wonderful group of 10 business women from Myanmar. The ‘girls’ offered themselves a four day program of movement and actually of standing still. Of stopping. A nice way of deepening and real connecting again. Time to breathe.

In the evening I organized a campfire meeting with the wonderful ‘Chiang Mai Khom Fai lanterns’. A playful way of letting go or to wish for. And after that we worked with connection dance. Accepting flow and feeling trust. All together till nearly midnight.

In the afternoon during their break two of the ladies of the group visited me and invited me to bring my dog that evening because all the ladies were animal lovers. I never got this question before and so actually, accept for the weekly hike, I never brought my dog to my classes. Sometimes, earlier when it was still living together with us, I brought my owl but my dog… never.

I looked Kadhow, my dog, in his eyes and his tail started to twist already. So I thought; let’s do it! It turned out it made the guests, my dog and me myself very happy and he behaved fabulous well.

During the campfire I got all kind of questions about him. As a six weeks old puppy he came into my life. He found me. A gift from a monk from the temple (Wat Saluang, about 20 minutes from here) he was born. Now, five years old (younh) already. I tell everybody who ask me what type of dog he is, what ‘brand’, that he is a Royal Thai Temple dog. This makes sense because temple dogs are sometimes believed to be former monks that in their former life did not behave very well and have to learn over again. To be honest I think Kadhow has to be more lives a temple dog because he still acts as a playful puppy. Knows how to steal what he wants to have and actually is always happy.
Once I got a book from my son Rik, who is a zoo keeper, to help me in how to raise a puppy to get an understanding and listening dog. The book showed all kind of pictures that shows the different expressions, body language, of dogs. Kadhow only shows me one expression. Always happy, not shy, and his tail with a curl in the air. The other pictures? Waste of paper in the book for him i guess.

I told my guests that Kadhow for me is my Buddhist monk and teacher. He is my fitness instructor, our house guard, my warning signal for snakes and other animals and reptiles in the forest. The guide who shows the tracks for hiking. The one who lowers the already very low threshold (actually takes it away) in making interactions and connections with other people and animals for me. The one that shows me empathy and understanding. My alert wake-up call if I only very seldom do not wake up on time. The one who shows what unconditional love is. My companion.
And last but not least he showed my last Sunday evening the one that goes on bringing me new branches out of the forest to keep the campfire - and so the nice chats and energy around - running.

The past is already gone, the future not yet there. The present moment is the only moment that life can be touched. And being aware of that is being aware that this is the only thing that never stops. Do not suffer, stop complaining, accept life as it is, do not worry. Be only yourself. That’s the teaching of my Buddhist temple dog.  

The campfire shining in his glittering, inviting, charming, and playful eyes. Guarding the group walking around several times. They call it instinct I guess. Wonderful to observe.

Pure nature, Pure connection. For me no pedaling a stationary bike going nowhere for hours or doing physical exercises to get my body fit. Without any effort I get it all for free and with a lot of fun, love and pleasure from my dog!   

What a wonderful experience to have a, for me THIS, dog Kadhow!

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

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