Friday, April 13, 2018

Wedding party in Laos

A good friend of mine got an invitation to join on April 6th a wedding in Laos. The sister of her together with her husband and children live in Laos for over twenty years already. A nephew of them invited me to join with her the wedding party as well. We decided to join the party and visit her family for one week.

A total new experience in a total different culture and without any knowledge of Lao language for me. Being the only foreigner as part of a celebration with all together more than 1000 guests. No possibility not to be seen, being the longest person of the party as well with 1.91 cm, bald and different face and clothes. And believe it or not, I did not feel a stranger at all. Totally accepted and lots of fun.

I did not join the traditional and cultural slaughter of two big water buffalos and three pigs the day in advance of the party. It takes for me some time to adapt to this different culture.

Next week I will write a bit more about the family tradition. At the picture already the wedding couple.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

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