Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy New Year 2057. You cannot start celebrating your hundredth birthday early enough.

Government and pension funds tell us that we are getting older. We therefore think that we have to work longer because that is the idea that is suggested and stimulated. After all, you have to do more and more and much longer to achieve the deadline of a full pension.

Feeling convenient with it, we do not even think about the idea and personal decision to stop earlier with working and start with doing earlier things we want to do (more) that are even dearer to us. Commerce and marketing, after all something has to be earned by others as well, are happy and already willing to offer us a ‘helping hand’ in the process.

By chance I discovered a New Year's wish for 2057 on the internet. The year in which I hope to become 100 years young. And although I am at least, so far I feel today, healthy I think it is a bit premature. However, this 2057 New Year’s wish strengthens me in the spirit of the saying: 'Hope springs eternal', so that's what I like to do.

On the other hand…, who knows with all the ups and downs of this stressful and faster digital time, the government at a certain time will adjust its vision downwards.

So therefore, every day coming a step closer towards my one hundred years (or who knows even older) birthday, I already started to celebrate by the day.

In my opinion you cannot start early enough to already celebrate your hundredth birthday. And now that I am still healthy I can already toast from day to day on a, indeed rather prematurely, and by the day more realistic, happy 2057.

And for that matter, for my two kids, I found the New Year cards for their 100th birthday too. I think they should have even more chance to reach it than I do.

Happy New Year 2057? Come on. Happy day!

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

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