Friday, May 4, 2018

Encouragement policy. Stop working earlier. "It was the salvation of my life".

We grow up with the idea that we must continue working until the so called retirement age. We do not even ask ourselves where that so-called must comes from and whether it is true.

Maybe not yet totally money and full-pension driven, we trudge on from what is assumed to be 'normal'. Our environment tells us that we have to, because we know we have better and better health care, live healthier lives (I wonder with so much stress if that is really the case?),and die later and later. What many see as the future period of enjoyment, has to wait a bit longer. You may wonder how long and especially at what stage of your life (and with which health) that enjoyment could still be and / or allowed.

Discouragement policy.
If you want to stop working earlier, generally is strongly discouraged. If you want to stop earlier you get a huge discount (it cost you a lot of money) on your future pension. I have this experience and still…Last week I received a message from my pension-fund that the calculation age for pension will be raised to 68 years. Reason? Yes indeed, because we are getting older... 

Now I say that stopping work earlier was the salvation of my life, that discount of more than 60% on my pension I take with a smile on behalf of a totally new Life (with a capital L). And if tomorrow for me the sun did not rise, I am more than happy and grateful that my ‘misfortune’ granted me the ‘fortune’ of living a different ‘rich’ life and retrospection. The insight to choose for Life, enjoyment, otherwise (deeper and wider) growth and sharing instead of (even) more stress, fighting against rules, regulations and unwillingness and almost certainly know a heart attack at a younger age than now.

Do you work to live or live to work? Is your work still your mission and passion? What about the balance work - private life? How long does your life actually last? How 'rich' do you want to be, remain or perhaps become? Are you aware that you cannot and will not take anything of that 'wealth' with you at ‘Ocean view’ time, the end, at all?

In 2010 I got a one-sided traffic accident. The, at first thought and sight ‘misfortune’ I spoke about before. A blackout in the Dutch Westerschelde tunnel. During a recovery period of 13 months, I still feel this recovery is actually still going on and I will never have the endurance and strength I ever had before, a very strong burn-out was discovered. 13 Months a fight with myself to come back on stage. At the helm of what I saw as 'my' organization and 'my' employees, with the beautiful work I did to continue. However, I was totally out of balance and exhausted.

My passion was, after reaching my pension, to live and start a different life in Asia. To live my dream. With many people I already shared that idea many years before I got my accident. Talking about it made me happy. From my father I learned the statement: “As a member of the Captijn family, we finish what we start”. A great statement, thought and approach. However, I did not understand till the time of my accident I was already finished on the path of organizational change and did not notice it myself.

13 Months of recovery (and four medical specialists) gave me the insight of who I really am and what to do (find and follow my purpose and mission) in the next period of my life. Already at a young age I did not see my future as a babysitter and taxi driver of and for my grandchildren (which I do not have until today). There is nothing wrong with that. However, it is nothing for me.

I found it and totally changed my life and lifestyle. I started to study again in relation to the purpose of my life. Last month I even got my degree as Kundalini Awareness Yoga instructor. Doing meditation and yoga on a daily base. Sharing my insights and understanding on internet to help people and situations to come into flow again. 

And all those worries about the future, and whether change is possible, and about all my so called responsibilities, and the financial 'loss' that you could have... It worked out it was all a waste of time and energy. Telling me I had no or at least insufficient faith and trust in myself, my life path and in divine.

And yes, some people who check the internet find a most wonderful story of the amount of money I got after I stopped working from my former employer will say. Easy talk. 
I waited on my balcony for a year for that money I should get mentioned in the media. The only thing that arrived was an excuse letter of the political board about wrong information my former employer shared with the media. Happy I am the only person that knows the right and real story. Nothing to be ashamed of and just only a pity that there has never been any rectification. 

At some point in your life you ask yourself questions like: Who am I? What do I really want? What do I want to do with the rest of my life? How do I turn the experiences from my past into lessons for the future? What is 'rich' for me (a rich man can be poor and a poor man rich)? What about loving and especially loving myself? Do I take care in a proper and good way for myself (and I don’t get me wrong not in a material way)?

My encouragement policy has become to inspire people to see and experience not to wait too long to follow their dreams, to stop doing things they do not like doing anymore (a waste of (life)time, loss of quality and negative influence on health) or doing things not related to their life purpose. Continuing this kind and type of work help them to stay in the vicious circle to make themselves mentally and often physically more and more ill. In spite of the overall better healthcare. Do you want to live a less longer life (so less pension has to be paid? Go on!).
And if you are still very happy with your present job and your work/private life balance is great... who am I to give you the idea to stop? You never have to count the days till your pension as many people do. 

Full retirement pension in general you get in a late phase of your life. Lots of time a short period of enjoyment. A phase of which you do not know the length. Do not drown yourself in general excuses and 'accepted values ​​and norms' of your environment. Make your own choice (Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless). With that choice you not only make yourself but also the world around you, to start with your beloved relatives, the most happy.

After all, big chance you mentally and physically are still well (or at least much better/healthier), more shining and active, and even better available and connected with really important things in your life. It is called LIVING life before it is too late.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

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