Friday, July 6, 2018

The power of positive thoughts and intentions. Miracles exist! My heart beat faster.

Last Monday evening late in Thailand I was waiting until my girlfriend was back home safely after a happy weekend together. Her flight had been delayed because of bad weather conditions and after arrival she had to cope with a queue of over a hundred people waiting for a taxi to her home.

Thailand was and still is under the spell of the 12 missing children and their coach in a cave in Chiang Rai. And certainly because of my background in the world of international crises and disaster management this had (and still has) my attention.
By coincidence, I witnessed on television directly that evening how the news came in that the children and their coach were found safe and alive after nine days. Literally my heart started to beat faster. International cooperation works and miracles exist.

Great to see and really feel the explosion of energy of this discovery by this children, their hoping family members (who are number one in Thai culture), rescue and social workers and the population here in Thailand.

From my father I once learned the power and influence positive thoughts and intentions have. And for me the experiences so far with the children and their coach in the cave in Chiang Rai Thailand are another proof of it.

Positive thoughts, positive intentions, and yes also praying (the power of intentions and often also in combination with sound such as the Japanese doctor and scientist Masuru Emoto with his photos of crystals so 'crystal clear' shows), has a gigantic positive and influence and are even healing in some cases.

And whether or not you believe in a God does not matter that much in relation to it. With your positive thoughts you generate strong positive energy that benefits everyone. The children who are locked up, the emergency workers, the family members and even your neighbors who are engaged with the scene. It really does add power. It supports the process of 'do not give up'. There is hope until you give up. And hope is living.

Omar Reygadas, one of the 33 miners who was trapped underground in the Atacama desert, near CopiapĆ³, (Chile, South America) for 69 days, said faith and prayer, as well as humor, had helped he and his colleagues stay positive while they waited to be rescued.

The best pilots are ashore and we all know better solutions to solve the problems the Thai authorities have to face. Various media give us the evidence about it. Not always out of a positive approach.
And again as sometimes said; ‘It is the tone that makes the music’.

Do the media have any idea of what is happening and under what most bizarre circumstances? The positive so far now is that they are still alive and with our positive intentions and thoughts we support a salvation that hopefully will ensure that they all will come out safe and alive.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

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