Friday, January 4, 2019

January 1st. Happy New Year. Happy Easter

Indeed, what is this all about? Or rather it is only about buying.

On January 1 this year I received from my daughter a photo from a supermarket in Perth (Australia).
Indeed. You cannot be early enough to buy your Easter purchase. Imagine you are not in time. After all, you only have until 21 April this year to do your Easter shopping.

The Easter marketing has been released again and the Christmas marketing seems to be temporarily back on the charger. Garden centers are replacing their Christmas shelves for a few months with garden sets and sun umbrellas and the circle is round again. Time flies…

Christmas, of origin, is about new life and Easter about dying or actually about resurrection. Ah, what does it matter? We just skip the period of 'life' that is in between, because we have to continue to enjoy buying....

This is Australia and I expect Thailand will join quickly as well. A bit sad for the Easter marketing here that the Thai New Year celebration (Songkran) is just one week before on April 13. Certainly there will be a solution for that. After all, it’s an opportunity to double business.

Ah ... why actually does this make me all a bit sad? After all anyone who wants is free to join and enjoy the system? To join the temporary happiness of buying as much as possible. Good for the economy ;).

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

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