Friday, January 26, 2018

Communication is having sex (experiences out of the Tantra introduction workshop)

Every Monday evening I guide an introduction to Tantra workshop here at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort. Most guests do only have a little bit of understanding what Tantra is about. What they primarily have in mind is that it has everything to do with sexuality. And because of this (very narrow) view they seem to be a bit shy first to learn more about Tantra. 
Joining the workshop together with some other guests at first sight feels a bit more comfortable. Most of the times after already only one minute of joining the class they feel totally at ease, engaged with the theme, curious to understand and willing to practice as well.

Tantra has everything to do with a mind, body and soul approach. And there where the regular Buddhist meditation practice is focused on training the mind, the meditation in relation to pink Tantra is not at all focused on the (trouble making) mind but on the heart. Skip the idea of Tantra is learning techniques. Tibetan Buddhist Tantra has to do with opening and following your heart. No technique at all. No performing. No pleasing. And believe it or not, no sex deed is needed to create bliss and a much richer experience of intimacy.

Pink Tantra? Yes. A combination of White (more the spiritual individual way to create an ongoing feeling of bliss) and the Red (more the sensual and sexual way of exploring with a partner independently of gender).

This first shyness to join the introduction class/workshop already tells a lot. Shyness has to do with peoples programming. With experiences of the past and all kind of institutions and believe systems that tried to indulge us that it’s wrong and sometimes even dangerous to give attention to the full potential of your body, mind and soul. Still Tantra for many people and cultures is banished. The word ‘sex’ still nowadays invites to be curious, find a dark private place to connect with, or pushes away (actually from yourself) and even sometimes creates a feeling of guilt.

How is it possible a word can do this? Ever took the time to look deeper into what the meaning of sex actually is? There is so much more to discover. Communication for instance is sex.

Sex is energy, even better to say life-force energy. Sexual energy and life-force energy are exactly the same. And Tantra is the sacred approach to free and expand inner life-force energy (Kundalini) to get bliss by emptying your mind, leave the focus on the genitals and to connect, listening and respond to (true) love. To connect with and experience the interweaving of life-force energy.

Interweaving and flow of energy only is possible if there is a difference in polarity. In Tantra, we usually speak about the feminine and masculine poles. Talking about communication in a Tantric way listening is passive, feminine, and speaking is male (independent of gender). Speaking is a penetration of you and you are receptive to it. Between a speaker and a listener a sex act is happening because the speaker is trying to penetrate you and the listener is receiving and the other way around. And if you are listening in a way that you only use the time-frame the other person is speaking to make up your mind for your own story... then there is no real communication so no sex. 

Communication happens only when one party has become male and the other party has become female, otherwise there can be no communication. Wherever negative and positive meet, sex happens. Wherever polarities meet, opposites meet, it is sex.
Getting this understanding sex gets a much wider meaning. Not (only) the act but much stronger the embracing of the appearance and sustaining of intimacy.  

And in this way Tantra is about all of life - the way you eat, the way you treat your body, the way you meditate, the way you relate to friends and family, the way you connect with your intimate partner as well as how other beings experience your life-force energy.

With this in mind you can tell me now that if communication is already having sex, life is sex. So all the people with the first very narrow understanding of Tantra actually were right. And so they were. The only thing is that after the workshop they got a much wider view and understanding, in comfort, to connect with their full potential. They learn the first natural steps, so no techniques, to empty their (programmed) trouble making mind, to absorb life force energy and to reach high levels of bliss.

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