Friday, January 12, 2018

Pondering about my next parents. "We don't need no education...hey teacher leave them kids alone."

The last week of the year I took even more time to contemplate on my life. What I already learned and, like everyone running out of time, about what there still is to learn and share this lifetime. 

I was even pondering about my next life. Many times before in my blogs I wrote about my idea life will not stop. Yes, you leave your body because it cannot serve you any longer in the process of growing. So change is needed otherwise there cannot be any growth. What a rich understanding if the time is there your soul frees itself from the temporary structure (your body) to make steps forward again. For me it’s not even my belief anymore. Even deeper it is trust. Maybe for many people a strange thought. But this is not where this week’s blog is all about.

I was thinking about what kind of next parents I want to have in that life and where to be born again. Don’t get me wrong I am more than thankful, grateful, happy and honored by the parents I have and, although not physically on this world anymore, I meet on a daily base. And no, I was not under any influence of alcohol or drugs and not dreaming ;). Just thoughtful.

Living a total different life and lifestyle then I lived before in The Netherlands and in my role as a CEO I discovered I am not another brick in the wall. And getting the possibility to make steps forward again I want to go on with that. Happy both of my children also discover there is much more and a wider experience of living life not being that other brick in the wall as well.
Yes there are all kind of systems in every country, in every culture, in every religion. And without some rules it will be very hard to live all together in the village I call world. But is it always necessary to follow all the systems? Aren’t we still ‘free’ human beings to make our own choices?

Thinking about the kind of next parents I want to find, immediately I connected with a couple I know from here. A Thai lady, a man from Great Britain and their son. Actually for me this couple is more than special. They are very, very special. Unique and different. No other bricks in the wall.

And I don’t think there are many couples in the world who are like them living love, living life, going their own way, where possible do not follow systems. They feel home in the village ‘World’ wherever they are together as a family. Freedom in bond. They offer their son and themselves the ‘Street University of Life’. Doing what they can to not let their child follow the systems but getting life experiences. So, so far and I think he is already 8 years old, he is not going to school. In a playful way he learns from cultures, he speaks and writes several languages, he is more than clever (living his inner wisdom) and get the support from his parents to be who he is and just to explore life completely how and what it is. A soul with loving and inspiring parents who are not willing him to unlearn by systems what all is stored within this boy. Great to see and sometimes this parents really show they have the guts to ‘beat’ the system.

Have you ever thought about the idea that science is the development of knowledge and wisdom is the development of learning from Life? These people go for the latter and show their son what that can be for stimulating self-development.

Thinking all this things over I thought about the idea to write them, living in Mexico at that moment, a compliment that they plopped up in my mind as the kind of parents I want to have in my next life. I got a wonderful email back. Find a part of it in relation to their son and his not going to school:

“The mass freely compliment (Name of the boy) on his take on life and his sharpness and always want us to recommend his school to them!!!....Ah no school comes the answer. The teachers need to learn from him we say...Many see it as a joke answer, whilst others are so conditioned to belong to the system, enslaving the new energy within society they in turn give a lecture as what to do!!!....Like it worked for them...not.
His knowledge is not borrowed from schools it is within or 'in' (intrinsic, intelligence and intuition).

To be fair existence has beautifully coincided so many time keeping (Name of the boy) away from this conditioning...again so very grateful.
As Pink Floyd....another brick in the wall...we don't need no education...hey teacher leave them kids alone.”

In my opinion most parents are unable and unwilling to offer the freedom for their child or children to explore and be who they are. I am happy already about 10 years to be on the ongoing discovery journey of what my life is all about. Turn the bricks of lessons, experiences and even thoughts around. For myself and for many others I took my brick out of the wall.

I discovered there is so much more ‘in’ me and there is still more to explore and to share. Being myself. As much as possible free from the systems. Already far on the journey of learning to unlearn again. 

This type of multicultural parents who are living true love and exploring the worth of life. Were ‘home’ is being together somewhere in the village called World. Who are having the guts to free themselves and me, for as far as I am not able to do it myself yet, from any systems possible. Not afraid of what the world thinks about them. Who act and contribute out of love and help me to get and keep the ongoing feeling of bliss. Who grant me the possibility to go on even deeper exploring myself and to share my treasures with the world around. Who stimulate my inner wisdom to flourish. Who protect me against people who do not understand me yet. Who trust me and believe in me. Who help me not at all to be another brick in the wall. Who are connected with living life and who knows work in conscious and engaged business as a part of family energy and changing living environments.
Why? Most businesses thrive on the unconscious market...the more unconscious the product the more financial success… is the thought. Actually the less sustainable happiness and bliss.

I hope they will show and offer me real wealth that money cannot bring… A healthy life, lifestyle and contribution, in supporting my intelligence and intuition to grow in love, in staying my true self and in sharing my uniqueness.

Maybe this will bring another healthy ripple in the pond…

Frans Captijn
Host / Catalyst / Talenteer at Captijn Insight

Captijn Insight“Catalyst in your process to new sustainable flow in life, love, family, business, career and work. Whether you are an individual, couple, team or organization.” 

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