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Getting older and the new dimension of intimacy. The meaningful deeper journey of discovery to bliss in your current or new relationship.

From my previous work I still remember that there were people who would follow the PIS-course at the end of their career. Pension In Sight. One of the components of that course was to get to know your partner again. To review the development and situation of your relationship - the mutual bond, intimacy and communication in it - together. Do you want to invest in your relationship in this new situation? If so how?

You do not have to be old or retired at all to know together, if you are honest with yourself and your partner to agree that the intimacy and sensuality in your relationship actually often has diminished. Maybe even is very poor nowadays. That there is still little to share with and learn from each other.

That which perhaps once started so energetically is now on a fairly low or at least a bit lower level. The challenge is less, you know each other (you think) and what's there still more or new to discover? The social media on your mobile, for example, your leisure time club life or television, are much more attractive and in the meantime you remain so busy with everything that’s going on in your life.
Little time, and a lower need, to invest a lot in each other, in your mutual relationship.

That is not only more than a pity. It is also a missed opportunity for better health and a happier and more energetic (blissful) life. After all, both of you run out of time as well… Do you permit that happiness and that energy (which is free available) to run away like loose sand between your fingers?
If you are not (both) willing to invest in it you do not grant yourself, your partner and the world around the best possible ‘harvest’ of living your life. At least that is something I discovered here from experiences working with guests and by further deepening and studying.

That which once started out of a passionate desire - often surrounded with lots of exciting sex and lust - now has become so common that the need for it, at least with your own partner, has faded away. The adventure is pretty much finished. It’s maybe still now and then the 'performance' to get away with it and after that (usually for the men) quickly fall asleep. Whether it will actually be satisfaction of yourself and of each other, we do not even wonder. Let alone that we wonder about the quality of it. We know by ourselves the answer for a long time already, but keep that answer mainly for ourselves, only thinking that the partner does not recognize this. A kind of taking a selfie with that beautiful smile. A kind of smile that, immediately after the picture is taken, ends up in the fridge.

What I have learned, working with guests in programs here, is that most people do not even know themselves (body, mind and soul) let alone each other. That the adventures expedition, that start of both your romantic journey, might be over in your head. Realize it’s only over in your head. In practice you have only taken the first steps on the path of the relationship with yourself and with your partner. There is still a long way to go if you are open (and willing) to it. An expedition in the discoveries of intimacy, sensuality, freedom, life energy, joy and bliss. A new dimension.

And that expedition is another one than you have experienced so far. That which you have experienced so far has only been a foreplay. You (finally) let go of all those thoughts in your mind and that primary focus on your genitals. Actually, your thoughts and focus on those organs ruined maybe more of your wellbeing than you ever thought.
You focus on a much deeper level of connection with your partner through your heart and soul. A deeper way of experiencing blissful interaction. One that is focused on true connection and being understood. On (inner) energy flow. Learning to know each other on a deeper level. Experiencing a physical and spiritual / divine free bond. Both literally and figuratively a different communication and sensation. Deeper and closer attention to and interest in each other. Not only in the late evening hours but a stimulating energetic sensation of wanting to give to and take from the other during the whole day.

A discovery journey first of yourself and after that together with your partner. Long-lasting experience of energy flow, intimacy, sensuality and above all ... of slow experiencing. Taking and giving the time (quality time) for each other. Aren’t you both worth that time?
And what about that 'act' you think is necessary? That is no longer the focus. Making love is so much more. The attention is no longer on that act. When it comes or shows itself that’s not more than natural and totally OK but there is no need anymore. It is (again) about a much more intense experience of true loving than ever before. From experiencing yourself and the other person deeper, to learn to understand and appreciate the meaning of loving yourself and the other person (and what it, deep down, always for you has been). Discovering and living the three kinds of intimacy: Physical, emotional and spiritual.

And again, do not believe that you really have to be that old. That can be so and very often that 'low pitch' arises much earlier. Even in a still young or new relationships, regardless of your age, I notice here that such an expedition gives a closer, deeper, connection and flow. For sure, those discoveries are fantastic experiences, insights and reinforcements. And this is not a kind of egoistic act. You do not only feel that yourself or together with your partner. You are radiant in this to the world around you.

And the best thing is that you've already all of this stored inside yourself for a very long time. It is literally an experience of dis-covering. Take the cover, the lid, off and release that valuable treasure in yourself to enjoy Life and Love more intensely. And sometimes, perhaps from your partner, you need a little bit a push or support in your back to come into action. 

Great to be able to cope with the energy of people who discover and experience this here in an intensive eight-day program. That playful new stage and phase in and with themselves and with each other.

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