Friday, June 15, 2018

Show and be happy with your real face, a selfie mostly is fake

More and more people have their I-phone or tablet as their best friend in life. It seems to be nowadays the most wonderful relationship you can have in your life. Day and night available for you, ‘connecting’ you with the world around and mastering your life. For them is it not even able anymore to stop clinging the addiction of their relationship with their technical devise, or use the ‘switch-off’ button any more. The only thing they need is energy. Marketing offers lots of additional ‘power-banks’ to keep the friendship / relationship running. 

Compare with human relationships that really need other ‘power banks’ but maybe in another blog.

This week I want to share some thoughts about the happiness and gratefulness of the human face and natural smile.

For me it seems there are not so many people anymore, and especially ladies, who are proud to be themselves. Walking here in one of the many shopping malls, opening magazines and watching the most photo shopped and by ‘filters’ changed pictures of faces show me that many people are really afraid to show the beauty they really, authentic and so natural are. 
And do not get me wrong, I certainly love that little finishing touch, but not the paintings people make of themselves. Idiosyncratic works of art behind which they try to hide themselves. What a misery for their partners who meet reality in the evening. Better to turn off the light quickly ... Is there any safety procedure for this to rescue themselves from this?

For a while I had a Thai girlfriend who was really shy to show her face as I discovered after a short while. For the night the day make-up was turned into a really wonderfully made night painting. A real great job because I did not even notice it until I came home a little earlier than planned. A shock for her for me a possible liberation for her because I want to love her the way she really is ... Unfortunately it did not work out this way.

With the introduction of the so called ‘social’ media also a new ‘Selfie culture’ started to grow. People show their happy smiles and believe the world around them think they are totally happy. Playing a mind game with themselves to believe the world around believes that. Everybody else does do so… why not being part of that family or community as well?

A lot of times I stand still, I stop to observe the most wonderful ways, with or without ‘selfie sticks’ how people want to show themselves on the social media. Changing, for a split second their face and their smile in a, for them, not natural way.
It is so much fun to see the face change in the natural position immediately after the press on the button of the phone or connected Selfie-stick.

It brings me more and more fun, and with that I am even supported to keep my natural smile steady.

What a fake world we think other people believe in, not appreciating and honoring the natural beauty all of us got as a most wonderful gift in our lives.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

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