Friday, June 8, 2018

The universe works. You only have to be silent to connect with it.

In my experience and practice, I learned there is more between heaven and earth. And is that woolly or floaty? In any case, not any longer my ‘label’ anymore I many times immediately put on it to condemn it ridiculously to the background.

I notice already my whole life I get over and over and more and more signals from that Universe. Sometimes so strong that some people occasionally became afraid of it. I know the backgrounds of those forces and my children know much about it too.
I even notice that I am regularly used as a kind of channel and several people who have done programs with me got the experience during chats, coaching and exercises. They, as well as I, many times got goose bumps.

And it is only a matter of being silent and to open yourself up to make it happen and/or to listen. Sometimes accompanied or initiated by a ritual. As for example, working with my labyrinths. You can see it as, or compare it with, shamanism. Nothing strange. I am still basically a constructional engineer and fire officer, and I more than strongly rooted with two legs on and into the ground.

For me those forces show that your life can not go wrong at all. That you are not just alone and the only one behind the steer wheel of your life. There are forces that want to work with you, who want to steer with you and are willing to influence you to stay on the for you right track (sometimes not seen by yourself yet). Who even keep an eye on you and protect you or give you better opportunities if something seems to go wrong in only your eyes.

I could write a book from my many experiences. And be sure that many people will say from their programming; "Well, that Frans really totally lost his way being in Thailand for already six years". I like to turn that statement around. I found and find that way more and more;). It is a more than fantastic experience and with it I support flow and insights in other people. Growing by sharing.

Last week again some nice examples. I just want to share only one of them.

In 2010 my (Dutch) book: "Speurtocht naar persoonlijk meesterschap” (Search for personal mastery) was published. In that book I wrote down several quotes from interesting people in my life. Masters in my life for me. Teachers, people I worked with and who brought me meaningful and inspiring things, thoughts and insights. Things that made me think about the deeper meaning of a lot of things in my life, things happening between people and in the world around me.

Last week I received an e-mail from the wife of a pastoral worker (Bernard van Lamoen) from Middelburg (The Netherlands) with whom I did a parishes merging project for a big part of the Catholic community of Zeeland Province.
To my great regret I heard that her husband had died at the end of December last year.

For me this man had a beautiful and gentle deeper wisdom in many areas. And of course that also had to do with his profession. Captivating and binding people.
He once made a wonderful comment about "letting go". I included that wisdom in my book.

His wife, whom I hardly know and only saw for the last time about seven years ago, is still in the natural process of letting go. In her mail she writes me:

"Pondering and walking through my room last week, during a moment of doubt, sorrow and loss, I suddenly stood in front of our bookcase. My attention was drawn to your inconspicuous book. I took the book in my hand and opened it exactly on page 110. There I found what I just needed at that moment.

You quoted:

“Letting go is a continuous exercise from fear to trust.
Let your fear only warn you but not take over.”

(Quote of: Bernard van Lamoen, Pastoral worker in Middelburg, June 21st 2009).
How beautiful is this? "

For me, these kinds of messages and emails from people are things that touch me deeply and matter.

Great that the universe works, helps me and uses me to help others.

Gangey Gruma (Frans Captijn)

Captijn InsightCatalyst in developing tranquility & in-sight to get in a sustainable way real connection, purpose, pleasure and flow in life, love, family, business, career and work again.

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